Harambee Business Volleyball Tournament

At the 13th of April 2019 Harambee organises the Harambee Business Volleyball Tournament at the sportscentre of the University of Twente. During this tournament you will play matches against other companies from the neighbourhood of Enschede. The event is set up as a fun and sportive business event. Volleyball experience is not required.

You will get to play an afternoon of volleyball matches with a team of at least 6 persons at the excellent facilities of the Sportscentre at the University of Twente. The best teams will face each other in the final match, where the winner will win the first prize.

A dinner with a drink will take place after the matches, which you may join. This dinner is included within the registration fee. Do you like to get to know other companies within the area of Enschede? This way of playing volleyball and having dinner together would be the perfect way.

Important information:

What:      Harambee Business Volleyball Tournament

Date:       13th of April 2019

Time:       From 12:30

Location:      Sportscentre University of Twente (De Hems 20, Enschede)

Registration fee team: €25,- per person.

If you have any question or need more information about the tournament, please send a message to: bvt(at)harambee.nl

If you want to sign up now, you can use this form