Lustrum Buttons

The lustrumyear is well underway, and this means buttons! Buttons? Yes buttons. Throughout the year there are buttons to be earned by being present at activities, by doing cool stuff, and by having certain attributes. So, would you like to collect your own boyscout sash? Then go ahead and try your best. Furthermore, there are several cool activities over the year! Subscribe to the lustrum plus package and the gala!


I was present during the first night out!

I finished the Lustrum week and made it to the Aquadrome!

I sent an email to the Lustrum Committee with my awesoms snacks and a recipe for them.

I went with a Bram Krikke moustage to a Harambee party!

I ordered the lustrum plus package!

I survived a lijntje with a ginger!

I promoted Harambee in a foreign country! (one submission per country allowed)

I correctly predicted a lijntje prior to an Harambee acitivity! (By mailing this to

I went to the "Seeyounextyearunlimiteddrinkingattheminibardrink"

I found the secret clue on the website.

I completed the ""rietadt" challenge. (<4 gold, 4-5.5 siver, 5.5-7 bronze) (send your video, with timer, to the Lucie)

[This button already exists, only no one has earned it as of yet]