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The win streak in on!!

New week-end, new game for the Stormtwoopers. After 2 wins in the last games, we need to keep it up, to grind to the top. All started in the city center at Rick’s place. Diner was ready at 18:30, with a game starting at 21:15. We had more than enough time to eat, so we even took time to watch the nice Dutch prime minister tell the sad new corona rules… It is at 20:00 that we are heading to Mariaparochie. 1st set is not a set to be remembered. We maybe thought we were still at Rick’s place, but our min... Lees meer

Stormtwoopers | 14-11-2021

Galaxy domination

We, the StormTWOopers are on a quest to dominate the competition, uh.. galaxy! And Friday we reached one step closer to that. It all started at the campus house of our youngest recruit, Quinten, where we had a plate of spaghetti. With some great musical accompaniment, we made our way towards the SPC for some coffee. A bit later we found ourselves on the field facing the well-known Vips. Albeit, slightly underrepresented due to injuries. Even René, ex-Harambeeër, had to watch from the stands, rather than f... Lees meer

Stormtwoopers | 07-11-2021 | Wedstrijdverslag

Victory for the StormTWOopers!

On the grim Saturday afternoon before Halloween, we had our first official battle against Apollo Heren 4. After a practice match during the preparation tournament (which ended in a tie) we were ready to show them who was the better team. To get ready before the match, a lunch was prepared by Darth Trainer at his house, with the help of Bastiaan.  Once in the hall everybody was getting hyped up and ready, and we were ready to score some points. Starting up the first set did not go flawless, A lot of mistak... Lees meer

Stormtwoopers | 31-10-2021 | Wedstrijdverslag

The first two points for H2!

Last Friday, we played our first home match of the season. It was also our first pre-match diner together. After the two 4-0 defeats without a diner, hopefully the diner would be the secret ingredient to our success against Aastad. This heavy task of preparing a delicious meal was taken upon by Sander and Quinten. It turned out that our cooks had other plans, as they tried to secure their starting spot by poisoning Frank and Niels with pasta pesto. Fortunately, their scheme was discovered in time by Bastiaa... Lees meer

Stormtwoopers | 18-10-2021 | Wedstrijdverslag

Room for improvement for H2 in Rijssen

Last Saturday it was finally time for our second match. We couldn’t play during the first homeweekend, because the match was cancelled by our opponent ☹. Therefore we first have our second away match in Rijssen. Before the match the stormTWOopers had a nice France brunch at 10:45 at our one and only France teammate Thomas. We ate some tasty croissants, eggs, bacon and had some orange juice. After the brunch we drank some coffee to get ready for the trip to Rijssen. At 11:45 we got a text message from or... Lees meer

Stormtwoopers | 10-10-2021 | Wedstrijdverslag

A lot to learn for H2 in Losser

­Last Friday it was finally time again to play a match! A new season, new players, unfortunately, fewer people with a car. Out of necessity, we were going to bike to Losser, but then H3 came to the rescue. They also had to play in Losser and luckily for us had a fourth car, so all of us could go to Losser by car. Half-past five, the meeting time at the McDonalds on the woonplein. Still a bit early to have dinner, so on a half-empty stomach we went to Losser. Once arrived there was a nice surprise, during t... Lees meer