The subscription costs of v.v. Harambee during the year 2018-2019 are listed below:


Annual fees: (for those who remain member of v.v. Harambee for the entire year)

Basic-membership:  €10,00
Nevobo-member:  €100,00
Mix-member:    €47,50
Recreational-member:  €35,00

Half-yearly fees: (for those who remain member of v.v. Harambee for only a part of the year)

Nevobo-member:  €61,25
Mix-member:    €35,00
Recreational-member:  €22,50


Practices:       €17,00
Competition:        €13,00
Practices + Competition:  €20,00


* for external beach members there is an additional €10,- basic-membership fee





All members should be in possession of a UnionCard or CampusCard (except members with only basic membership) with a Harambee club extention (verenigingsheffing). For buying or more information, please take a look at The club extention for Harambee also needs to be bought here.


Members who already bought the club extension for Harambee for the indoor season, don't have to buy a second club extension for Harambee when they participate in the beach practices and/or beach competition.