As soon as the kick-in starts again, here you can find the information about where to find Harambee during the kick-in. Harambee can mostly be found at the following locations.

Openings market:
The HKI makes sure Harambee has a stand with an activity next to it, to attract freshmen. Furthermore the HKI makes sure there are promotion gadgets, like tattoos or stickers. During the openings market the HKI tries to let the freshmen subscribe for a training.

Sports day and sports barbecue:
The HKI is at the beachbak during the sports day. They stand there with a stand and forms to subscribe and promotion gadgets. The freshmen can learn what beach volleyball is. At the end of the day there is a sports barbecue, where the HKI barbecues.

Night out:
One evening in the Kick-In, the HKI organizes the Harambee night out at the San Remo. The freshmen can learn about the monthly Harambee activity.

The same is done in the Volkspark as at the openings market. The HKI again makes sure Harambee has a stand and an activity. The HKI also tries to attract freshmen.

Sports party:
One evening during the Kick-In, the HKI organizes a party. This celebration takes place on the UT grounds and is organised by several UT sports associations including Harambee. 

If you have any questions you can send an e-mail to hki(at)