We want everyone to feel welcome and safe at Harambee. If you have experienced otherwise, we, as an association, want to know about this and support you. Unwanted behaviour can occur in the form of bullying, discrimination, (sexual) intimidation, threats and/or violence. It's also possible to run into other problems that make you feel left out, or like you can't be yourself.

If you have experienced something like this, or you've seen it happen to someone else, we encourage you to speak to one of the guidance counsellors at Harambee. The guidance counsellor will listen to your story, and together, you will decide what to do next. Some things can be resolved within the association, but sometimes it may be best to involve other experts. This will always happen in agreement and with consent from you. The counsellor is independent.

You can always approach one of the guidance counsellors in person, but it is also possible to sent them an email, text, or call them.

Who are the guidance counsellors of Harambee?
Ronald Meijer has been a member of Harambee since 2010, and even though he is no longer playing, you can still find him at most home weekends. In his daily life, he works as a software developer, and after work he spends his time playing boardgames, doing puzzles and training referees.
You can reach him via or 06-12113214

Franka van Jaarsveld has been a member of Harambee since 2017, and played in Ladies 5 this season.
She is 23 years old, and is currently studying Computer Science at the UT. Next to volleyball, she enjoys designing, music, and swimming.
You can reach her via or 06-46306411

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