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02-05 General Assembly
02-05 Sports Party @SportsCanteen
03-05 Activities Weekend
15-05 4x4 Round 1
16-05 2x2 Round 1

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Social Safety

Social Safety is important within Harambee. We want everybody to feel happy and safe within Harambee. If you ever have an unpleasant feeling within Harambee and you want to talk about it, then know that we have confidential contact persons for this, being Franka van Jaarsveld and Ronald Meijer. For more information, click here.

There is also an organization outside of the university, there is Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland. All of these people are there to talk with you and help you if there is anything that crosses borders for you. We want to encourage you to contact these people if you would like to.


New association room

Since this summer Harambee has it’s own boardroom (Bastille room 314). Feel free to check out our amazing association room🤩. There are a lot of games present in the association room and there is even a Wii! The board will be present in the association room every Monday till Friday. See the picture below for the exact opening hours.🕗

Next to that we are still looking for an awesome name for the room. So get your creativity out there and send the best name you can think of to bestuur@harambee.nl or tell it to us in person. We are looking forward to see what you come up with!✨

We hope to see a lot of you soon in the association room!💜🧡


Newest team blog posts

Low Hall Was Geen Lekker

Dear Barbies, In our first game vs flash stars this season, and our very first away game, the Kens were excited. Entering their hall, we noticed that the hall was quite low, and thought that this was simply a waiting room. The ceiling was low which made us... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Wedstrijd voorbeschouwing

Dames en heren, jongens en meisjes, en omdat we in 2024 leven moet alles wat daar tussen in, buiten langs en niet geïdentificeerd is ook benoemd worden.   Het laatste thuisweekend staat weer voor de boeg, dat betekent dat wij nog een keer gaan knallen. O... Read more

Heren 3 | 06-04-2024

A tragic beach off

  Dear Barbies,We had a tough match this time. We barely lost the first set but we brought it back with a streak on 11-0 in the second set. But then after a lot of slip 'n slide due to their slippery halls in pathmos hall, we got disoriented and could not... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Underdog Beach off

  Hey Barbies,Gents 11 fooled us into going out to party all day and night the day before our beach off. Us, Kens, took this opportunity upon ourselves and chugged all the beers in sight. Roel Ken ended up with at least a whole crate of chugs by the end o... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Beaching off for the final time

Saturday the 6th, the date of the final beach off of the year. Unfortunately for the first time this season we had to miss Barbie Timon. So we lined up for the last time to win for Barbie Timon. Barbie Mikal lined us up and despite a slower start and some ... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report
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