Internal Beach Competition

The IBC has awakened from her hibernation and is preparing for the beach season. Just like last year we will organize a 2x2 competition, so find a beach partner and enrol!
If you're not able to find a partner, you can still enrol. The committee will arrange a speeddate in order that you will form a pair with someone in the end.

In addition, we will organize a 4x4 competition in which you can compete with your friends, team or perhaps your housemates.

You can enrol via Make sure to enrol in time, the deadline is set on the 14th of April 2018.

If you have any questions, you can ask the members of the committee or send an email to

See you in the summer!


Bike2Sport challange

Hello everybody,

Harambee can earn a lot of money the next few months, however we need your help to achieve this. Enschede is rewarding sportassociations when members bike to their sport accomodation (= sports centre). Harambee is choosen to join this challenge.
The only thing you have to do is download the app:Android
After the download you need to join the special Harambee group in this app, by clicking on the following link:
After that you only need to do what you normally do: bike to the sports centre. The maximum is 1 time a day.Harambee decided to raffle a bike among all participants who have achieved more than 40 rides. The challenge will end at May 31st.
We hope you'll join the challenge toghether with us.
Regards,External Affairs Committee and the Board of Harambee

Want to join a try-out training?

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23-03 Mixronde 9
24-03 Half thuisweekend
29-03 Beleidsplan inspraakavond
29-03 Conditietraining
03-04 Conditietraining
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21-03 Miriam Kebernik
22-03 Jolien Lankheet
24-03 Joris Janssens
24-03 Anouk van der Schot
25-03 Bob Overbeek
25-03 Stef Bunte
25-03 Joris Bastiaans
26-03 Eliane Nieuwenhuis
26-03 Romy Kersten


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H9 5 of 8
D1 10 of 12
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D3 9 of 12
D4 4 of 11
D5 4 of 12
D6 0 of 11
D7 1 of 10
D8 6 of 9
D9 9 of 10
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