04-06 Linda Woestenenk
05-06 Matthijs Postma
05-06 Jarmo Savelkoel
05-06 Nathalie van Diepen
06-06 Ida Steinweg
06-06 Frédérique Overweg
07-06 Tariq Kloezeman
07-06 Kevin Reijnen
07-06 Dennis Cai
08-06 Jeffrey Uitbeijerse
09-06 Michael Janssen
11-06 Paul Scheurink
11-06 Paulien Jonkman


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New trainer(s)!

We are very happy to announce that we have found a new trainer for the first men's team. Monica Constantinovici will take this place next season. This created an opening for the position of trainer and coach of men's 2 and also this position has already been filled, namely by Henny Boevink. Last season Henny was the trainer of Apollo 8 men's 2, who already played multiple matches against Harambee. Therefore, Henny might be known by some of you. Below, Henny will introduce himself.

Hi all, I will introdruce myself. My name is Henny Boevink and I will be the new trainer of Harambee men's 2 for next season. I was born on the 5th of January in 1956, I am married to Willemien, father of three children and grandfather. I have played volleyball at MTSH (currently Webton), where I started as a 14 year old boy. After that I played at Verdan/Havoc, followed by Dalvo, and came back at Havoc. Since around 1978, I am also a trainer: ladies, men, boys, girls, from the first division up and until third class. Next to that I have been the coach of the national men's sitting volleyball team with the highlight ot the Paralympic Games in Atlanta 1996. Besides that, I have trained the guys of Ichthuscollege for the worldchampionships for school in Kecksemet, Hungary. Other associations where I have functioned as a trainer are Havoc, VIC Enschede, Apollo, Webton, 'Tubanters zitvolleyball, and next up: Harambee. I am really excited for next season and I am looking forward to meeting you!


Candidate Board

From left to right: Iris, Julia, Esmee, and Délisa

Dear lovely Harambeeërs,


We are the 56th candidate board of vv Harambee, and we are searching for you! Currently, we only have 4 members, but we would like to have a 5th board member to join us. So, would you like being active in our lively and fun association, and are you in for a challenge? Let us know by sending us an email to


Let us introduce ourselves:

My name is Délisa, I am 21 years old and I am working on my bachelor assignment for industrial design right now. In addition to playing volleyball, I enjoy cooking new recipes, playing board / card games or trying out adobe photoshop / illustrator in my spare time. About 7 years ago I started playing volleyball and for 3 years I am active at Harambee. I played on many different levels, but always as a middle. My signature volleyball move are my go-go gadget arms. When I became acquainted with the association as a Harambee kiddo, it immediately became clear to me that we have a very warm, cosy, attractive association in which everyone knows each other and can experience all sorts of amazing activities. Hopefully, as a board member, I can contribute to this next year.

Hey, my name is Iris and I am 21. I was born in Geldrop, but live now in Enschede for almost three years. I am in my last year of the bachelor Biomedical Engineering and hopefully, I will get my diploma in a few weeks. Besides my favourite hobby, volleyball of course, I enjoy cooking, making delicious cakes and desserts, reading, and playing the accordion. My signature volleyball move is my secret libero talent. After having already done several committees and this year the TC, I would like to contribute next year as a board member to Harambee, a super fun association, where people always would like to do something fun.

Hoihoii, my name is Julia, but some of you may also know me as Sophie. I'm currently in my third year of Speech Language Therapy at Zwolle, but because Enschede is such a fun city, I decided to just live here. Because of that, I could join the best volleyball association! This is my third year at Harambee, and in this time I learned that my signature volleyball move is being hungover in the field. I have been in a few committees over the past two years and really enjoyed being this active within the association. That's why I hope that I can become even more active coming year as part of the board!

Hi, my name is Esmee and I’m 20 years old. Currently, I’m in my second year of applied mathematics. Besides volleyball, I also really enjoy baking cake and playing games. This is also my second year of being a member of this fun association. Inside the volleyball field, you can recognize me by my dramatic digs for the balls. In the previous two years, I’ve been active in committees and since February, I’ve been vice-chairman of our the current board. I really enjoy being an active member of our lovely association and I hope that I can contribute as a board member to this association this coming year.


Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,

The 56th candidate board of vv Harambee



Quarantaine Crazy 55

It’s a weird period, no volleyball, no activities. That’s the reason why we created a crazy 55 with team challenges for you! You can join this activity with you team, without gathering up physically. (We definitely don’t want to encourage that and it would cause substraction of points!) Be creative and get more points. If there are any questions, just let us know. Don’t forget to sign up! Have fun and stay healthy!

  quarantaine crazy 55.pdf


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