GALA - 1st of December

On the first of December it is time for the fantastic Harambee Prom, so safe the date! It's the event where you can dress up, feel pretty and enjoy a beautiful night. The gala takes place in "De Jaargetijden" and the costs are around the 35 euros. Of course all drinks and some nice appetizers are included!
Would you like to join the prom? Look for a member of the activities committee or send an email to! Please tell us if you need an extra ticket for an external date.


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Sponsorkliks has released their own extension for your webbrowser. Via Sponsorkliks you can help Harambee to get money. The new extension is a replacement for the old (broken) extension.
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The use of the extension is totally free of charge. So the price of your online shopping will not change. for example, by ordering your food on thuisbezorgd you will make us money already.
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17-11 Bestuur verjaardagsfeest
30-11 Thuisweekend
30-11 Mix ronde 3
01-12 Gala
06-12 EJC Sinterklaas stapavond
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18-11 Bram Meijer
18-11 Janiek Smulders
19-11 Pieter Koster
20-11 Hans Bronsveld
20-11 Jasper Lucas
21-11 Wouter Suidgeest
21-11 Jelle ter Harmsel
21-11 Lianne Groot Roessink
23-11 Marijn Kalter


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