10-12 Fieke Ruumpol
11-12 Maike Oudeman
11-12 Cristina Toader
11-12 Naomi van Emst
14-12 Frank van Hoorn
15-12 Coen Neefjes


H1 6 of 12
H2 6 of 12
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H5 12 of 12
H6 9 of 10
H7 10 of 10
H8 8 of 10
H9 7 of 9
H10 6 of 9
H11 9 of 9
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D3 3 of 12
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D5 9 of 11
D6 5 of 10
D7 2 of 9
D8 5 of 7
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15-12 Mix Round 6
11-01 Night Out
19-02 Excursion
15-03 HaramBIX

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How to set up the fields?

It's the start of the year and therefore a lot of you might be unfamiliar with setting up the volleyballnet. To help you out a bit, the board made a short video with instructions on how to set up the net in SC2. You can find it here:!


Social Safety

Social Safety is important within Harambee. We want everybody to feel happy and safe within Harambee. If you ever have an unpleasant feeling within Harambee and you want to talk about it, then know that we have confidential contact persons for this, being Franka van Jaarsveld (0646306411) and Ronald Meijer (0612113214).

There is also an organization outside of the university, there is Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland. All of these people are there to talk with you and help you if there is anything that crosses borders for you. We want to encourage you to contact these people if you would like to.


New association room

Since this summer Harambee has it’s own boardroom (Bastille room 314). Feel free to check out our amazing association room🤩. There are a lot of games present in the association room and there is even a Wii! The board will be present in the association room every Monday till Friday. See the picture below for the exact opening hours.🕗

Next to that we are still looking for an awesome name for the room. So get your creativity out there and send the best name you can think of to or tell it to us in person. We are looking forward to see what you come up with!✨

We hope to see a lot of you soon in the association room!💜🧡


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Another win for ladies 7!

On Saturday the 18th of November it was time again to shine! There was a match planned against Fysio Engbersen Aastad Dames 5 (what a tall name), the number 4 in the competition. With almost everyone present, it was time to start the match.   The first se... Read more

Dames 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report

First game of the season

It was the 10th of October, the day we knew it would come, a fresh new team with a young spirit, but with quite some experience, and some new blood. We started the day with the game in mind. We were excited for our first game, even though we didn't had our... Read more

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report

A costly victory

Coming off a high with the 4-0 win against mix 1, we were ready to demolish mix 9, and it started out great!! We one the first 2 sets quite convincingly, but then the third set was a close set that we barely lost. And despite our best efforts we lost the f... Read more

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report

Nice match but unfortunate

With a really nice teamdinner in our bellies we started the match with high energy and a bit sick bcause of the full stomachs. Against mix 11 was a really exciting match, with two fingers in our nose we won the first set with 25-17. Keeping up the nice wor... Read more

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report

EZ win 4-0

We like to congratulate mix 3, mix 2 and 10 with their win today. With great enthusiasm we start the first set, we would love to win all of the sets this game. This would give us a good chance of going into the winners pool. The first set was very tense wi... Read more

Mix 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report
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