HaramBIX 2019

The Harambix is a tournament which takes place annually since 1985. It's an open tournament. That means that everybody is welcome to play, even if they are not a member of Harambee!

It is almost that time of the year again, the annual open, theme-based volleyball tournament of Harambee, the BIX! This year, it will be in the weekend of the 22th to the 24th of February. The theme of this year is MENS ERGER JE BIX! The team with the most awesome, beautiful outfit will win a nice price! The parties on Friday and Saturday are in the same theme, which means that your epic team clothing should be worn!

Everybody is welcome to join, you don’t need any volleyball experience whatsoever. This is the only volleyball tournament where your volleyball skills are the least of your worries. So, participate with your house, group of friends, sports association or just a random group of awesome people and experience a weekend full of awesomeness, parties and a lot of fun, with a little bit of volleyball.

We start on Friday with a great opening party and on Saturday, everybody can cure their hangover on the volleyball field. There will also be a fun activity planned on Saturday which you can do with your team, besides playing volleyball! And of course, we cannot end the Saturday without another amazing party! Sunday there is again an opportunity to play some volleyball, and at the end of the day, the two best teams will compete in a spectacular and, most of all, surprising finale

So, find a team with at least six people, of which at least one member should be a lady. Come up with an original name for your team and show up in your most beautiful and extravagant outfit, which matches your team name.

Sign up here.

You could order the clothing for your team at www.feestkleding365.nl. They offer you 10% discount on their entire collection. To recieve the code, mail to bix@harambee.nl


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Heren 4 | 15-01-2019

Heren 3 pakt de leiding!

Afgelopen zaterdag stond er voor H3 weer een belangrijke wedstrijd op het programma. Het was een clash tussen de nummer 3 en 4 op de ranglijst, Harambee H3 tegen Rosstars H2. Voor de wedstrijd wisten ze al dat de koploper op een 4-0 nederlaag was getraktee... Read more

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