Harambee is an unique combination between the student life and volleyball. The teams participate at all kind of levels in the competition both external and internal. Alongside the serious volleyball activities, the association has several committees that organizes all kinds of activities to promote the coziness (in Dutch: 'gezelligheid') within the association. Harambee is with 400 members one of the biggest on the University of Twente and each member contributes actively to this coziness. Harambee is affiliated with the Studentsport Nederland just like other student sport associations and Harambee is member of the Student Union, like most Utwente sport associations.

All teams train in the outstanding accommodation in the SportCentre of the Utwente Campus. Harambee teams are recognizable during trainings and matches due to their outstanding purple/orange tenues. Nevobo competition matches are on Friday evening and Saturday. After the matches a beer and a piece of pie isn't out of place. 

Members who are not students at a University based in the Netherlands or Saxion or employees of the UT/Saxion must obtain permission from the board for their membership. This permission is based on the External Members' Regulations:
  Membership Guideline.pdf

Would you like to know what Harambee is like? E-mail the board (bestuur(at) If you'd like to come to a practise please send a mail to tc(at) After training feel like joining? Fill in the registration form and send it to the secretary (secretaris(at) or put it in the Harambee mailbox in the sports centre.

  Registration form Harambee [English] [2023-2024].pdf

Besides, indoor volleyball there's also beach volleyball from April. For more information about the 2x2 competition and UT open beach, check 'Beach' out. There you can also find the registration forms for those competition.