The ExcurCie is responsible for organizing the yearly trip somewhere abroad. During this trip activities regarding both volleyball and culture will take place. 

Last time, the excursion has taken place on the 26th of Februari till the 3th of March in the Spring Break. We went to Prague with a big group of Harambeeërs. We rent our own bus to Prague. In Prague we did all kinds of fun activities, such as a pub crawl, a boat party, visiting a monastery and a medieval dinner. It was a successful week!


This year the excursion will take place from the 18th of February till the 23rd of February. The 25th of November we will organise a drink and pubquiz and announce where we will be traveling to this year! On the 25th of November we will also open the registration on the website!

You can contact the committee by sending a mail to excurcie(at)harambee.nl


Committee members