The BIX has been Harambee's annual tournament since 1985. This tournament is open to everyone who wants to participate, so non-members of the association are also very welcome!

During the weekend of 4 to 6 March, it is finally that time again, the annual open theme volleyball tournament of Harambee, the BIX! Every year the tournament has a theme, this year's theme is Super Smash BIX! As are the activities on Friday and Saturday night, but they will also build upon the theme and your epic match outfits!

Everyone can participate in this tournament, no volleyball experience is necessary, because this is the only volleyball tournament where volleyball is less of a priority! So gather your housemates, a group of friends, your sports club or just a random group of people and experience a weekend full of fun, party and a little bit of volleyball.

On Friday evening we start of the activities with a great party, after which you can enjoy a nice break on the volleyball court on Saturday. In addition to the tournament, there will also be fun of the court in which you can participate and compete in with your team. And of course Saturday will end with another amazing activity! On Sunday there will be a little bit of volleyball again, after which the two best teams will compete against each other in a spectacular and especially surprising finale. Just as in the last year these plans are very dependent on the corona situation, so we will keep you updated!

Find a team of at least six people of which at least one is a lady, come up with an original name with your team and show up in a beautiful outfit that is as extravagant as possible. We are exited to see you guy in march!

With the Covid-19 measure, uncertain is in what condition the tournament and the parties can be held, therefore a few sidenotes:

  • The capacity of the sports centre depends on the Covid-19 measures, so there might be a capacity of the amount of teams that can participate. If that is the case: first come (enroll), first served.
  • Costs depend on the Covid-19 measures, with a maximum of €25,-.
  • Payment will be dealt with after the deadline of enrollment. When the condition of the tournament is known, a request of payment will be communicated through mail. For clarification: if the tournament can be held, by enrolling you accept the obligation to pay.
  • When the tournament can not be held, an alternative activity will be organised on March 5. In that case, the obligation to pay is also cancelled. Enrollment for this alternative activity will be separate to the enrollment of the tournament.

Theme: Super Smash BIX
Date: 4 to 6 March 2022
Deadline enrollment : 11 February 2022
Costs: probably €20,-, maximal €25,- per person

Enrollment BIX

Theme video BIX