2x2 competition

The summer is coming. This means, beach volleyball is starting again! Just like previous years we'll make full use of the beach fields.

Harambee offers an internal beach competition and training for 2x2 teams. Training and competition will be held for teams of two persons in both a ladies- and a male-competition (teams of mixed sexes should join the male competition). You can also chose to participate in only the training, or only the competition, but it is best to do both.

Training will be in groups for one and a half hours a week. They will be held in the afternoon and evening on Monday and Tuesday. After subscribing the Technical Committee will make a roster with the training groups.

Competition rounds

The 2x2 competition will be played on either Thursday or Friday, this depends upon the level you are participating. This will change depending on your results of previous competition rounds.

The dates of the competition rounds are as following:

  • 29 + 30 April - round 1
  • 13 + 14 May - round 2
  • 20 + 21 May - round 3
  • 27 + 28 May - round 4
  • 17 + 18 June - round 5

Enrolment costs

The enrolment costs of the 2x2 tournament will be announced later.