Preparation tournament

Dear reader,

The indoor volleybal season has ended once again, but next year the NeVoBo-competition will begin once again in full force. Because of the summer vacation, in which we all got some well deserved rest, our volleybal techniques got a little rusted, together with our teamwork. Thats why its time for a good warming-up!

There is no better warming-up than the Preparation toernooi! This toernooi from Harambee will take place at the 15th and 16th of september (saturday and sunday). It is a weekend full of volleybal, teambuilding and ofcourse lots of sociabilities. There will be games ranging from the 4th class up until the third division, so every team has a challenge! The preparationtoernooi will be held in the Sportscentre of the University of Twente, just like the years before this one.

So do you and your team be assured of a optimal start of the NeVoBo-competition, together with a full day of volleyball and companionship? Go quickly and enter the Preparationtoernooi!


Tijmen, Jurgen, Anouk en Lizzy

The Preparation tournament Committee 2018