4x4 friends league

Of course this year the 4x4 beach volleyball competition will take place! Teams existing of at least 4 persons: male, female or mixed. Ask your yearclub, fraternity, roommates, family friends and join the 4x4 competition. What could be better than playing with bare feet in the sand, and enjoying the fresh air!?

On Wednesday 1st and 8th May try outs will take place where you and your team can participate. Matches will be played on Wednesday evenings:

  • 15th of May - round 1
  • 22nd of May - round 2
  • 29th of May - round 3
  • 5th of June - round 4
  • 12nd of June - round 5

The enrolment will be opened until the 26th of April 2019.

Costs 4x4
Subscription team: €40,- per team

These contribution costs are for Harambee members. If you're not yet a member, additional costs are applied.

- UnionCard Summercard € 20,-* (when not in the possession of one) click here for more information
- Association fee Summercard € 9,- * click here for more information

* For students, check the website for more cost information


How to enroll?

1. If you're not a Harambee member yet, first fill in the form below. You can submit this digitally by mail (secretaris@harambee.nl) or print it and deliver it in the physical mailbox of Harambee in the Sports Centre.

2. As soon as you’re officially registered as a member you can use your login credentials on the website by going to the menu My Harambee -> Login. Then click on “Forgotten your password”

3. Login with the login credentials sent to you and go to https://harambee.utwente.nl/en/activity/7, then submit for the activity.

If you still have questions about how to enroll or you first want to show interest in beaching you can always mail to ibc@harambee.nl

 Registration form 4x4 beach [English] [28-03-2019].pdf