On September 23, 1964 the volleyball association Harambee was founded. The association was born out of an initiative by students and staff of the former "Technische Hogeschool Twente" (THT). Upon establishment, the association had about 20 student members. Since the THT offered only technical studies in the beginning, there were hardly any female students present. The association, named volleyball THT, therefore begun with two men's teams consisting of students and a men's and a women's team consisting of employees of the THT. The association played, like the other sports associations that were established along with the volleyball club, in a green shirt with white shorts. The letters THT were stitched in white. With the increasing number of students due to the expansion of non-technical disciplines, the number of women increased. Hence, women student teams were also formed. The distinction between staff teams and student teams disappeared in 1971, which only happened before in the men's teams.


At the General Assembly of November 11, 1969 it was decided that the association would be called Harambee. Many wonder about the origin of this name. During the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the THT in 1966, the Rector Magnificus of the THT used this phrase, encouraging the staff and students to develop the THT even further. One of the players from Harambee Ladies 1 remembered the phrase and used it for several years as a yell. The association organized a name contest in 1969 and it was decided that this phrase would be used as a name for the association.


In 1973 it was decided that the dull green colors belonged to the past and from now on, Harambee would play in the famous purple and orange. Since this year, Harambee almost always played in these colors: first in full purple shirt and orange shorts, recently in today's more modern variant of the shirt.