Phineas, whatcha doing? – Winning!

Last week we had an amazing breakfast with Gents Toverkr8. You might expect that with a little magic everyone could be there at the scheduled time. (Totally misjudged, our bad). Surprisingly Tjerk did not make it to breakfast (or the match), maybe his magic was absorbed by all wine and beers he had the night before. Nonetheless, the pancakes were loveable and set the mood for the day. Yes, there were pancakes with apple, cheese and bacon. And yes, if you want a pancake teamdate, were in!

The power of pancakes showed off in a good first set. The serving pass was exceptionally good, which allowed the setters to make some good choices. Training on the serve that week, also paid off. Compliments to Esmee: what a serve series! It was no wonder we won the first set (25-16).

Piece of (pan)cake, you may think. Well, no. The mood changed very quicky because of a hard serve from our opponents. That’s all we want to share about the second set (13-25). There are also not many words needed for the third set (16-25). Sander tried to cheer us up with another good metaphor. In short, that match was all about creating energy in the field. We should see ourselves as a power plant. Sanders words: ‘Go nuclear!’.

Everyone needed some time to overthink those words. In set 4 Sanders advice changed the whole game. We were the ones creating pressure and not giving room to our opponents to play volleyball. Anouk was able to score over 6 points at the same spot in their field!(!!) They had no idea how to handle her good attack in the left corner and that’s visible in the score (25-17).

In the last set we gave it all and succeeded. We focused our attacks on the straight corner and were not afraid to hit hard. Nonetheless, we almost made no mistake. That’s something to be proud of, just like the score (15-9).

Looking back at the game, as a team we could have performed better, but we definitely deserved to win. We were the better team and showed that in specific parts of the game


Pannenkoeken met kaas als ontbijt

Maakt winnen niet direct een feit

Gestreden voor winst

Makkelijk was ‘t allerminst

In set 5 wonnen we terecht de strijd

Game info

Home team Phineas and 4rb
Guest team Webton Hengelo Dames 4
Date 16-10-2021 11:30
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Result 3 - 2
Sets -, -, -