The battle for Enschede

It was time again, the battle for which team could call them the best in Enschede. This time Vips Bardot challenged us om their homefront at the Patmoshal in Enschede. And after a nice dinner at Pim's place we were ready show them why we won 4-0 last time. Only 9 man strong due to sickness (and some people had to go to France for some reason..) we were still ready to show them some heavy hits. 

In the first set we started of strong, showing both good service pressure and fighting will. Showing no mercy to the opponent and them needing a quick time-out multiple times during the set. With a big advantage we were nearing set point, but something went wrong. Morale went down and the opponent got onto a serving streak. Shortening the point gap to 24-23. But after a quick smart play this streak was quickly ended and the opponent was sent back to the bench with a 1-0 deficit. 

Here something went wrong. The potential we showed during the beginning of the first set went down, and the opponent got into their game. The game went on with big fluctuations where we were not able to get on top of it. And after the 1-0 victory suddenly we were 1-2 behind on the vips (25-23 25-18) and in dire need of a mentality change.

With a quick peptalk from Darth Henny, we went back into the field with renewed energy and a fighting will. Since we let the opponent get back into their game, this was a though fight to win. But by combining good service pressure with good defending, we were making it work. We were neck to neck and after a good service run at the crucial point the difference could be made, and with 25-21 we went into a fifth set. Everybody was tired from the first four, but the opponent showed signs of fatigue as well. With a good mood from the last set win, we were in front when it was time to switch sides. After this the determinatiom to win was high, and with a good service run we were quickly at set point. After a tactical substitution from the coach the victory was ours and the battle for Enschede ended in a victory for the stormtwoopers


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Game info

Home team Vips Bardot Heren 2
Guest team Stormtwoopers
Date 14-04-2022 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Pathmoshal
Veilingstraat 20
7545LZ Enschede
Result 2 - 3
Sets 23-25, 25-23, 25-18, 21-25, 13-15