Close battle in Diepenheim

After a drive to the small village of Diepenheim and searching for the sportscenter we got into the warming up. Time out tried to unsettle us by playing loud music during the warming up but the peaky nineders are hardly unsettled by some music. As our coaches could not be present we had Wesley as a coach. Wesley rewarded Stef and Tommie, for their great performance in the vestingbar the evening before, by making them starters. For Stef this did not last long as within the first set he landed on the foot of an opponent and injured his ankle. The match was close and we got the first 2 sets with a small margin by letting them make a lot of mistakes. Their middle blockers could not pass that well as they normally play with a libero and we used this information by aiming our serves at their middles. The mistakes from them became less and less in the 3rd and 4th set. They won those sets with a close margin again. Heading into the 5th set the nerves started becoming higher than ever. We were down by 5 points early on and we fought a hard battle to be able to close the gap. When the score was 12-13 the stamina of both teams was tested with a rally that seemed to last 10 minutes while playing, in the end we got the point with some luck regarding the referee. The last point was won with an ace that hit the edge of the net and rolled over the net into Time out’s side.After the match we enjoyed some beer while watching the gents 1 of Time Out play their match. 


We left Time Out’75 a message 

Injuries come with age

We hit it through their block

We’re the ones who knock

We did not disengage


Game info

Home team Time Out'75 Heren 4
Guest team Heren 9
Date 25-03-2023 14:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Sporthal Dr. Quantstraat
Doctor C A J Quantstraat 17
7478XA Diepenheim
Result 2 - 3
Sets 22-25, 19-25, 25-21, 25-17, 12-15