Ferradrie motor faillure against Rivo Rijssen HS1

Many of you are aware that the new season has begun. For this first official race, notably in a higher formula, the Nevobo has qualified us against Rivo Rijssen Men's 1.

The morning started like no other, with a cup of coffee and lunch in the stands, watching our beautiful teams from the association. Although it was early in the day, it quickly became clear that the starting lights would go out later than planned. Not due to passing rain, not due to fog, not due to a monitor lizard on the track, but due to a delayed race ahead of us.

During the warm-up, it quickly became evident that our opponents from Rijssen had not been idle during the holiday. They had been developing and had not taken a break. But as you may know from Formula 1, your driver doesn't have to be the best to win if you have the right strategy, and that's how we entered the race.

Shortly after the lights went out, it became clear that Rivo Rijssen was razor-sharp, and before the first pit stop, they had already taken a significant lead with their high-service pressure. No tire change in the pit stop, no change of tactics, but especially powerful motivating words from our team boss were shared during this short break. However, we stuck to our team theme by ruthlessly falling in the first set of the first race of the year, not even making it to the podium, and thus receiving 11 points.

In the first major, prolonged pit stop, several new drivers were placed in the seats, but this did not improve the result. The service pressure from our orange-clad opponents, of course not to be confused with McLaren, remained impressively high but just a step too high for our passing line. Several services had so much speed that they shot past the turn to our delighted teammates in the setter seats and crashed into the gravel traps.

Set 4 seemed to have a similar start as the previous one, but several drivers managed to recover, and our temporary driver, Jip, felt the pressure to defend his seat in hopes of a permanent appointment in the upcoming races. The engines were warmed up, the diesel was refilled, and the drivers were sharper than ever. However, this did not help, and we fell outside the points once again, starting our season in a very classic manner as the team theme dictates.

Next week, an exciting modified week awaits us, with only 1 free practice session, which is likely to be mainly focused on service reception. On Wednesday, we are expected to rev our engines in Oldenzaal, with tire warming starting at 20:15 and the tire warmers must be removed by 21:00 to be in the starting position against our second opponent, Team Eurosped Pollux HS1.

Game info

Home team Heren 3
Guest team Rivo Rijssen Heren 1
Date 23-09-2023 15:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Result 0 - 4
Sets 11-25, 14-25, 14-25, 23-25