Moffel and Viertjes first week back

Helloo dear fellow Moffel and Viertje fans!


The past week we were very excited for our first match with the new ladies four. We had a whole week of brainstorming for a theme, sneaking around to make the video, laugh about Tom flying around and somewhere in between playing some volleyball. On Saturday morning 9:45 it was time to gather for our first pre-match coffee, where as you would expect at that time, only half of the team was present :(. Luckily, we found some moffel and viertjes in the changing room and on the field, so we had 11 people to show how great we are!

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our great teamwork, so showing how great we are failed a little bit during the match. We did enjoy all the songs ladies 3 sang to support us, but we still lost 0-4. This devastating loss resulted in a very great desire for drinking away our sadness. As if it was known beforehand, we luckily had the team presentations.

We went home to cook for gents 4, had a beerpong tournament (we already lost our barpas so had to entertain gents 4) and drank a lot of beer. Then, it was time to get ready with our outfits. All the moffels of the team wore slightly long nails, resulting in being unable to do anything basic, like zipping your own coat, going to the toilet, get your bike of the lock, you name it... The other half, our lovely Viertjes, had trouble keeping their eyes open because of the very long and heavy lashes. With all these troubles and some beer in our systems, we still made it to the VB, where we showed our great theme to everyone. 

What happened there, we don't completely (want to) remember, just like our match. So with that, this overview of our first week and match has come to an end. 

See you next time!

Moffel en Viertje



Game info

Home team Dames 4
Guest team Polstars Dames 2
Date 23-09-2023 11:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Result 0 - 4
Sets 9-25, 13-25, 8-25, 16-25