The disaster at Denekamp

On Friday the 29th we got our orders. We were to head out to Denekamp and destroy our enemy: TiMaX/DeVoKo Heren 1! Getting in our highly mobile vehicles we encountered very little resistance on our way there, and we managed to take the enemy by surprise.

The Denekampers quickly recovered and surprised us by hammering us in the first two sets. In the third set we tasted blood, the old men were tired and we were ready to strike! We managed to get a huge lead (15-05). Our first set of the season got thrown in our leap. As the good soldiers we are, we don't want presents. We want to earn our points. To avoid dishonour we quickly gave the set away.

This spooked our opponent, so they left the field. After informing at the referee it became clear that we would play a fourth set, but our opponents were having some 'water' in the changing room. In the fourth set our opponent tried to give us another set as a present, but we also managed to avoid this second chance at dishonour.

After the match, we enjoyed a great pie made by Tom, so at least we got that.

To distant Denekamp we drove in our car

For a moment we shone like a star

Two sets we could win

Trew those in the bin

As it was a bridge too far

Game info

Home team TiMaX/DeVoKo Heren 1
Guest team Heren 7
Date 29-09-2023 20:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Dorper Esch
Molendijk 14
7591PT Denekamp
Result 4 - 0
Sets 25-12, 25-18, 25-19, 25-22