One Step Back

Gemini HS 1 vs Harambee HS 2 3-1 25-19 22-25 25-18 25-11

Despite our victory last week, we had trouble maintaining our stride. Although we believe that the team continues to improve, we are firmly aware that we are fighting the clock to try and solidify our chemistry and consistency. When we have our stride and our heads in the right place, we are very successful. We found ourselves in many moments making consecutive mistakes.

Quick Summary:

Set 1: The set was quite competitive. Due to some silly mistakes towards the end of the set we allowed the gap to grow beyond our reach.

Set 2: Determined to change the result, we led a charge to close out the second set with a decent gap. We kept our cool and avoided large point loss streaks

Set 3: Starting out in a worse position than the second set, our mental slipped and we had a hard time staying close to them in points.

Set 4: In this set energy was low. We had a hard time getting good balls to the net, and even when we were we didn't put significant pressure on our opponents. In the end they rolled over us in a convincing fourth set


In this episode the gang continues to try and solve the mystery of the victory concoction. Hopefully they can crack the code before it is too late!

-Scooby Two

Game info

Home team Kerkemeijer Gemini Heren 1
Guest team Heren 2
Date 14-10-2023 16:30
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location 't Timpke
Haarloseweg 10
7271BT Borculo
Result 3 - 1
Sets 25-19, 22-25, 25-18, 25-11