A battle between the coaches

It’s Friday, theeeen it’s time for a match again! This time we had to play against Webton ladies 5. Since the match was in Hengelo, we could go by bike this time. Unfortunately, Swieber stole the good weather so when we arrived at the sports hall we were fully doorweekt and cold. This was also not the only thing that was taken by Swieber, he also took Sanne’s socks. That is not very nice of you Swieber!

At the warming-up, we were not really intimidated by the opponent. So we started the first set with full confidence and won this set with an astonishing 25-4! This was lit. Appletje eggie and a pitcher from the coach!

But, in the second set, our confidence went up too much. We started to walk next to our shoes, and suddenly the opponent did some very unexpected stuff. Sadly, some service mistakes were made, which made us lost a few points. However, we still managed to win this set with 25-16. But, unfortunately peanut butter, no pitcher from the coach again.

The third set, suddenly the coach of the opponent was awake, and started almost playing together with the ladies, since he joined the field for a couple of times. We did not really understand why he was starting to get so competitive, but you have to keep your hopes up he. Nearing the end of the set, it even got a little spannie, and we actually had to start playing volleyball. Luckily we got back and won the set with 25-19.

The last set we won with 25-13, resulting in a 4-0 win again! We had some delicious Arabic cake made by Ilebra to celebrate the winning, and a rondje from the coach, because there were no pitchers in Hengelo. Unfortunately, Swieber did not give the good weather back, so we came home again very doorweekt, but yet satisfied from the match!



Although the weather was shit

There were some pretty good balls hit

Especially in the first set

Which made the coach very mad

But it did not make us lose our pit

Game info

Home team Webton Hengelo Dames 5
Guest team Dames 7
Date 13-10-2023 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location Veldwijk
Kuipersdijk 46
7552BJ Hengelo Ov
Result 0 - 4
Sets 4-25, 16-25, 19-25, 13-25