Bop to the top (of Overijssel)

On Thursday 02-11 during the big storm Ciaran we all had to gather to leave to den Ham. Which is far far away from Enschede. After a lovely dinner at Jara’s place with gnocchi from the airfryer, yes this hack works perfectly, we prepared ourselves for the long journey to the game. On the road we experienced some strong winds and a lot of branches everywhere but we made it!

With only eight players and our two lovely coaches we had a small group today. And oh no our libero Martina was not there. So our middles had to pass in the game. Before the game some beautiful strategies were discussed which involved airplanes and bombing of houses. But also some serious theories were discussed. Because we were not sure how the passing would go with the middles a plan was made to put the diagonal in the pass if everything went south. 

Fortunately, this was not needed the passing went well and we had some really nice, long rally’s during the game. We played good together, there was a lot of communication and we had a good block and fine attacts. We had some close sets but sadly the opponents were better than us and took all the points with them.

But next time we will have them at our home game🤩

Afterwards we enjoyed some cake and made a little detour on the way home through the Mac drive. 


Ladies five school musical💜🧡


Game info

Home team HVC Dames 3
Guest team Dames 5
Date 02-11-2023 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location de Beukenhage
Broekmaten 4
7683XH Den Ham Ov
Result 4 - 0
Sets 26-24, 25-12, 25-20, 25-22