⛩️ Heren Samurein fight first cup-match

On a rainy Wednesday evening, the brave samurai of Harambee Gents 1 gathered at the sports centre, joined by Alex, Nikolay and Vince. This time not for a regular training, but for the first cup match of the year. After an hour of driving over small country roads, Harambee arrived in Doesburg to play against Gents 1 of ACE.

In the first set, ACE set off with a strong start, resulting in an equal score in the beginning of the set. Luckily, Harambee was able to improve the level of play. Big attacks brought the first set home with 11-25.

In the second half, Harambee struggled to continue the neat play. It is often hard to maintain a good level of play against opponents that are weaker on paper. After a time-out by Monica, Harambee improved, sealing the set with 15-25.

The third set had a similar score progression. After the first points, Harambee was behind. This resulted in a set score of 16-25. As a cup match does not have to be four sets, the match was finished almost within an hour. The victory for Harambee was never really endangered. In the next round, Gents Samurain will face Aastad from Almelo.


Our first cup match,

No match for Gents Samurain,

Let’s beat Aastad too!