Red Card Mystery

Krekkers HS 1 vs Harambee HS 2   17-25   25-21   25-21   25-18


After a strong start we started to slow down after a strong middle player on the other side as well as frustrations with the arbitration. This game was full of mysteries, like how Henny was mysteriously awarded two red cards 😱. Among other things, the game continued to be fairly close despite our low spirits. We are hopeful that we can soon get back on that winning train once again. We hope to give you a good display this Friday at home!


-Scooby Twoooo

Game info

Home team Krekkers Heren 1
Guest team Heren 2
Date 03-11-2023 21:15
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location De Haambrink
Almeloseweg 211
7614LA Mariaparochie
Result 3 - 1
Sets 17-25, 25-21, 25-21, 25-18