Harambee Heren Drive2Survive managed to score its second win of 2020, at the Borne Grand Prix!

Last weekend was one of the two Grand Prix of Borne. The opponent of Heren Drive2Survive (the number 8 in the ranking), was Apollo HS4 (number 9 in the rankings).

At half-past twelve we were ready to warm up the tires and go from the sports centre to Borne. Because the canteen in “the Veste” would be closed and (at least some of us) need some coffee before the match, we had to make an early pitstop, the McDonalds. Where Jop pitted in record time, Dieter had some slow traffic in front of him which got him far behind the other cars.

With our race cars, we arrived in Borne quite early. This turned out to be our luck, as Basti forgot the shirts at home. Together with Dieter as chauffeur, Basti went back to get them. The rest of the team could see the fun of it, with a fine for each forgotten shirt, it is a nice contribution to the team barbecue!

After our warm-up lap, we are starting the race quite well. Not too many mistakes were made on our side. However, the race pace of Apollo is only just a bit lower than ours. They keep the gap quite small. But… after 19 (Apollo HS4) – 20 (Drive2Survive), we begin to pick up the pace again. Apollo HS4 can’t keep up and the set end at 20–25.

The second set is again a battle for the lead. The gap between the two teams was only small so concentration was key. At 18-20 we seemed to lose that concentration a bit. Henny shouted over the radio that it was time to box to let us regain our focus. With our Drive2Survive, we managed to turn around our backlog of 23-20 to a win! Final score: 23-25.

In the third set, we also wanted to make it exciting for ourselves. We were playing very well up until 13-18 when we again lost a bit of focus. But this team keeps fighting till the end, resulting in a 24-26 win.

The last set was looking good and with a nice lead (17-21) we could smell the victory. However, unfortunately, we spun our car into the wall in the last corner, resulting in a 26-24 score in favour of Apollo.

Although the last set was a bit of a bummer, we managed to score our second win of the season. With four extra points, Harambee Drive2Survive climbs in the rankings to a 5th place. 



Met koffie van de McDonalds gingen we naar de wedstrijd toe

De shirts nog in Enschede, wat been gedoe

Al twee wedstrijden achter elkaar hebben we weten te winnen

De grote prijs van Borne is binnen

Basti, bedankt voor de barbecue



Game info

Home team Apollo 8 Heren 4
Guest team Drive 2 survive
Date 03-10-2020 14:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location de Veste
H.F. Roetgerinklaan 5
7623AX Borne
Result 1 - 3
Sets -, -, -