Defeated the number 2

On Friday the 10th of November it was time for a match again, yay! We had to play against HVC Dames 5, who are the number 2 in the ranking. So this promised to be an exciting match! As the hooligans we are, we went with the v.v. Drienerlo van to Den Ham. Of course, we wanted some good pump up music, however, no one had an aux port so no good songs. It was the radio or a CD. As team we thought, lets go old school. Searching for a nice CD, we found out there was only one CD available. We ended up listening to “EK hits 2012”. How fun was that… After almost 30 minutes, we were done with the Dutch football songs so choose the radio instead.


After a long drive, we finally ended up in Den Ham. Ready to play, throats ready for the harambee songs, we started the match against the no. 2. It was an exciting first set which we won in the end. The second set we unfortunately lost :(….. However, we came back and won the third and fourth set! During the match, you also did not have to be afraid that you missed the time-out of the opponent, with the coach screaming “SCHEIDS”, even people in Enschede could hear him.


After the match, we had an delicious gluten and lactose free (allergies these days, pf) chocolate cake with some drinks that took some time. Ready to leave as hooligans again, we only had to close the fuel door with some sport tape (something to fix @Drienerlo). A long drive back we finally came back in Enschede. 




The opponents coach was very loud

Eventhough we made our coaches proud

They came from 'Gooi en smijtwerk BV'

You could see that from there volleyball play

Next time we will bring our crowd!





Game info

Home team HVC Dames 5
Guest team Dames 7
Date 10-11-2023 19:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Location de Beukenhage
Broekmaten 4
7683XH Den Ham Ov
Result 1 - 3
Sets 20-25, 26-24, 26-28, 20-25