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Possible rule change?

Dear Moffel and Viertje fans,   Already a bit more then a week ago, our second match took place. We had to go to Bentelo, of which Tom thought it was way too far, so he decided not to join. Luckily, Inez was able to step up and help us out. Therefore, we had a nice dinner, and went off to the match in time.... Just kidding, there has to be a bit of sensation in Moffel and Viertje, and therefore Julia decided to join a bit too late. The nice preparation turned into thinking of a backup line-up during the ri... Read more

Dames 4 | 09-10-2023 | Match report

Moffel and Viertjes first week back

Helloo dear fellow Moffel and Viertje fans!   The past week we were very excited for our first match with the new ladies four. We had a whole week of brainstorming for a theme, sneaking around to make the video, laugh about Tom flying around and somewhere in between playing some volleyball. On Saturday morning 9:45 it was time to gather for our first pre-match coffee, where as you would expect at that time, only half of the team was present :(. Luckily, we found some moffel and viertjes in the changing roo... Read more