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Beaching off for the final time

Saturday the 6th, the date of the final beach off of the year. Unfortunately for the first time this season we had to miss Barbie Timon. So we lined up for the last time to win for Barbie Timon. Barbie Mikal lined us up and despite a slower start and some balls that the opponent definitely shouldn't have touched we beat them pretty convincingly. Then Barbie Mikal made some small adjustments and other Ken reinforcements arrived on the field. Twente was finally somewhat warmed up and gave us a bit of a fight,... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Underdog Beach off

  Hey Barbies,Gents 11 fooled us into going out to party all day and night the day before our beach off. Us, Kens, took this opportunity upon ourselves and chugged all the beers in sight. Roel Ken ended up with at least a whole crate of chugs by the end of the day. It was not our best game to say the least. We lost 1 set to the underdogs which made us lose our confidence. We didnt know 2 dutch Harambeers had the power of a stereo surround sound system in SC4. At the end, we are happy we didnt end up puking... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Knock'ed Out '75

Hey Barbies,We got to rematch the #1 of our pool unfortunately. This time with 5 middles and 1 outsider and 1 diagonal. We were scared almost sure to lose quickly. We got owned before even with our best team. But we showed them what we got! Our middles were more capable than ever adapting to the situation and slamming balls in like there is no tomorrow, which secured us the first set. But we lost a little bit of that fire with our insecurity of having one outside player. However, we lost the other 3 sets un... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

A tragic beach off

  Dear Barbies,We had a tough match this time. We barely lost the first set but we brought it back with a streak on 11-0 in the second set. But then after a lot of slip 'n slide due to their slippery halls in pathmos hall, we got disoriented and could not see the goal anymore and threw the set. It was all downhill from there with our morale low and thisseas leaving to go play a table tennis match. With that our spirits were destroyed, but we at least had gents 2 in our hearts to support on the field right ... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Low Hall Was Geen Lekker

Dear Barbies, In our first game vs flash stars this season, and our very first away game, the Kens were excited. Entering their hall, we noticed that the hall was quite low, and thought that this was simply a waiting room. The ceiling was low which made us think we were in the wrong hall but there was a ladies volleyball training that also took what felt like forever to finish so we mustve been in the right place.We finally got into the game and were baffled that they were only setting to one guy without a ... Read more

Heren 10 | 06-04-2024 | Match report

Vrivo? More like four-ooh

Dear Barbies, The Kens have been absent from the blog scene for a while, as they were engaged in a vicious beach off vs schoolwork, but after the overwhelming barbie presence at our last match, we had to come back and Kenpresent. After our resounding victory over the third place in our pool, Flash Stars, we finally were within reach of 4th place, as we were only 2 points behind both 3rd and 4th place (we were one match ahead of them though). Due to this, the only chance we had of getting to third would be i... Read more

Heren 10 | 24-03-2024 | Match report

Same Ken, New Beach

This weekend, it was once again time for us to Ken things up in our match vs Devoc Gents 3. This time, team Ken was looking different than usual. It felt like looking into a mirror, because Pablo Ken was playing opposite to his opposite position, he was now playing as 😱 diagonal 😱. Even more shocking was that one of our middle Kens, Quincy Ken, took a few steps to the left and was playing as an outside hitter. We entered the match with much Kenfidency, as our coach Timon Ken told us that our spry kne... Read more

Heren 10 | 30-10-2023 | Match report

Almost the Kenback of the century

In our first match against non harambee opponents, we were PUMPED to show how hard we tried during practice. All our lives we've been so polite, it was time to strike back. As we stepped on the field, our more experienced opponents saw the man behind the tan, and immediatly knew where our skills would lack. We tried our absolute bestest in the first set, but we just couldn't feel the KENergy. In the second set, we just couldn't find our synergy. Disheartened, we were ready to accept defeat. Suddenly, in our... Read more

Heren 10 | 11-10-2023 | Match report

Ken't Lose

In the first match of the season, Gents 10 had to face their greatest adversaries yet, Gents 9. We entered the game with hope in our hearts, excited to beKen the season. The game began wonderfully, with us winning our first set, gaining much confidence. But, in a tragic turn of events, we became too Kocky and lost 2 sets. Suddenly at our darkest moment, our coaches spoke with the substitution of a lifetime, and produced the greatest team to ever grace the earth. Kai's sets had perfect placement, Roel was hi... Read more