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Same Ken, New Beach

This weekend, it was once again time for us to Ken things up in our match vs Devoc Gents 3. This time, team Ken was looking different than usual. It felt like looking into a mirror, because Pablo Ken was playing opposite to his opposite position, he was now playing as 😱 diagonal 😱. Even more shocking was that one of our middle Kens, Quincy Ken, took a few steps to the left and was playing as an outside hitter. We entered the match with much Kenfidency, as our coach Timon Ken told us that our spry kne... Lees meer

Heren 10 | 30-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Almost the Kenback of the century

In our first match against non harambee opponents, we were PUMPED to show how hard we tried during practice. All our lives we've been so polite, it was time to strike back. As we stepped on the field, our more experienced opponents saw the man behind the tan, and immediatly knew where our skills would lack. We tried our absolute bestest in the first set, but we just couldn't feel the KENergy. In the second set, we just couldn't find our synergy. Disheartened, we were ready to accept defeat. Suddenly, in our... Lees meer

Heren 10 | 11-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

Ken't Lose

In the first match of the season, Gents 10 had to face their greatest adversaries yet, Gents 9. We entered the game with hope in our hearts, excited to beKen the season. The game began wonderfully, with us winning our first set, gaining much confidence. But, in a tragic turn of events, we became too Kocky and lost 2 sets. Suddenly at our darkest moment, our coaches spoke with the substitution of a lifetime, and produced the greatest team to ever grace the earth. Kai's sets had perfect placement, Roel was hi... Lees meer