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Close, closer, Mix 11

We came, we saw, we won. Or so did Mix 11 think. After aceing the first set and destroying them in the second, people already started to celebrate. But then the eggs appeared and everything changed. Mix 12 was powered by the eggs while Mix 11 was fearing the punishment. And with each lost set, the eggs became bigger in Mix 11's face. One would say too big because before TJ could see a volleyball, the last set was gone. Gone... everything. Only the eggs on our backs stayed! ~TJ... Read more

Mix 11 | 24-03-2023 | Match report


Very easy match not even close. they are the most fun team to play against though πŸ˜€ Sebastian trekt een bak!!🍺🍻🍺... Read more

Mix 11 | 24-03-2023 | Match report

Born for president

We played against team 6 today. Sadly born got injured badly during the training few weeks back and therefore couldnt play. Yet he always showed up to every match and supported us with his whoo whoo and made us win today with 3-1!!!Β  Β ... Read more

Mix 11 | 24-03-2023 | Match report

Bouw echt verschrikkelijk

We lost against team 3, i have no clue how they did it. We were 11 2 in front, in the 5 set. But somehow lost. The blame goes to Born he did not cheat us on enough, the whole team tracks a bak... Read more

Mix 11 | 16-03-2023 | Match report

Born trekt een Bak

Vandaag een moeilijke pot verloren, tegen alle verwachtingen in. Het lag niet helemaal aan Born maar toch wel, vandaar deze Titel. Wie dit leest trekt een Bak.... Read more