NSK beach volleyball

Are you and your beachpartner the best of your student volleyball association, and would you like to have a weekend full of beachvolleybal, pleasure, fun and corona proof side activities? In that case, you are going to enjoy the weekend of 6st till 8th of August, because then the National Student Championship beachvolleybal will take place in Enschede. After this weekend everybody will know who are the champions of the Student Beachbolleybal 2021 and who takes the desirable cup home! During the tournament, there will be enough time to relax and have some fun. Furthermore, you can participate in different organised corona proof activities.

The registration is closed.

The participation costs of the tournament are only €30,- per person. For this budget you receive a completely arranged weekend with beachvolleybal and fun activities, and also includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay.


Please note: The tournament was originally planed for the weekend 6 till 8 augustus. Due to the new regulations of the dutch government only events that take place on one day are allowed, therefore the nsk beachvolleyball will only take place on 7 august. 

Practical Information

  • Date & Location: The NSK takes place on 7 august on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede. 

  • Overnight stay: It is not possible to camp Friday and Saturday night on the camping area of the University of Twente, due to covid regulations.

  • Meals: Lunch and dinner will be arranged by the organisation. 

  • Activities: On Saturday you can participate in fun activities like a puzzlepint and giant beerpond.

  • Participation requirements: When can you participate? Every student, national or international, who is enrolled at a Dutch college or university can participate in this NSK. You can sign up to compete for the NSK beach title together with a student from the same student city.
  • Categories: The categories in which the tournament will be played are: Beach women 2x2 & Beach men 2x2. 
  • It is allowed to send in 1 team for each category per city. 
  • Competition Regulations: See the following file.

  Competitiereglement_NSK_Beachvolleybal_2021 (1).pdf