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An Unfortunate Start to the Season

After starting the game with a tight victory in the first set, the team slowly lost its grip on the match. Although all the sets were within grasp, small errors mostly in terms of communication held us back from taking the first home game. The final set was nothing short of a disappointment, as we conceded our five point lead and lost the game without scoring another point. Moments of success in the game bring hope to the team as next saturday we are on the road, seeking our first official victory in the le... Read more

Heren 2 | 25-09-2023 | Match report

Ferradrie motor faillure against Rivo Rijssen HS1

Many of you are aware that the new season has begun. For this first official race, notably in a higher formula, the Nevobo has qualified us against Rivo Rijssen Men's 1. The morning started like no other, with a cup of coffee and lunch in the stands, watching our beautiful teams from the association. Although it was early in the day, it quickly became clear that the starting lights would go out later than planned. Not due to passing rain, not due to fog, not due to a monitor lizard on the track, but due to ... Read more

Heren 3 | 24-09-2023 | Match report

Ken't Lose

In the first match of the season, Gents 10 had to face their greatest adversaries yet, Gents 9. We entered the game with hope in our hearts, excited to beKen the season. The game began wonderfully, with us winning our first set, gaining much confidence. But, in a tragic turn of events, we became too Kocky and lost 2 sets. Suddenly at our darkest moment, our coaches spoke with the substitution of a lifetime, and produced the greatest team to ever grace the earth. Kai's sets had perfect placement, Roel was hi... Read more

Heren 10 | 23-09-2023 | Match report

Match report preparation tournament

Last sunday Gents 4 had their first game together. We had a bit of a rough start with our coach Rens having his own game and a lot of chaos in the field. However, Zare stepped in as a subsitute coach and in the end we won a set! After a few refreshing broodje knakworst at the comittee market, we went in to the next match full of motivation. After a neck on neck game with gents 5, we lost 3-1. During the 5th set in the canteen we found a very valuable possesion of Ladies 4, which we are currenly keeping safe... Read more

Heren 4 | 18-09-2023

Preparation Tournament 17/9/2023

This Sunday the now complete Gents 2 team was able to completely win their pool of the tournament. Although the team encountered some rough spots within individual sets, they still were able to secure every single one. Hopefully this dominant showing is a sign that the team will be able to start the season strong despite containing an almost completely new roster. The highlight of the tournament was the last set, in which the team was able to close the final game in 25 - 8, closing the tournament in style.... Read more

Heren 2 | 17-09-2023

We can't All be Stars⭐⭐⭐

  Last Saturday, we played our real final homegame🏐 of this season with the Mix Allstars!!!!!🥳 You were there, right?!🎉 We think so🤔, because we heard you scream very loud.🔊 For them.🥲 But we understand: if we would have been on the stands, we would also support them.😍 What a team, what an appearance, what a vibe.🥵 Only after two practices together as a team?!?!?!?!2️⃣ And we didn't even talk about their coach yet...🤩   During all sets🔢, both teams were trying to find bal... Read more

Dames 1 | 02-04-2023

🧡💜An ode to the Harambee supporter💜🧡

Very sad news...😭 We lost from the black and red girls last Friday.🫠💔 But we had amazing support🤩 and it was a great last homegame👏🏼 for the classmates that will leave us.🥹 Thank you so much girls!!!!!!🫶🏼🐯 We hope your last official homegame🎮 for Harambee🌟 will be a nice memory!💖  As we do not have much to say about the game, we will dedicate this teamblog to all Harambee supporters that were there for us this year.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕    Thank you, Haramb... Read more

Dames 1 | 02-04-2023 | Match report

Who does that?😒

Now very quickly🏃🏽‍♀️ after our game against the orange ladies (* read this in Carien voice *: ORANGEEEEEEEEUH🧡), we had to play another game on a Monday evening.🥱💤 Who does that?😒 So we had to drive for ONE HOUR1️⃣, which is SIXTY MINUTES6️⃣0️⃣, which is DEFINITELY TOO LONG FOR A GAME ON MONDAY EVENING.😤 Yes, your favourite group 1 was not happy and also not so awake🗯️. We started at 20:30h = almost bedtime.🛌🏼 The yellow ladies were there with a completely ... Read more

Dames 1 | 30-03-2023 | Match report

A copy of the other one 🧡

As you must understand🫶🏼, in group 1 we are very busy with learning the difference between a circle🟧 and a square🟣, and how to eat without slurping and munching🍽️. You know, the usual stuff🐅. So the teamblog is late. So don't cry!!!😭⛔ Because we won!!!!!!😎🥇 Just like last time against the orange ladies (* read this in Carien voice *: ORANGEEEEEEEEUH🧡) lost from us with 3-2.🏁 And 3-2 = 1, so actually, we should be on the first place after this game.😱1️⃣👁️ In t... Read more

Dames 1 | 30-03-2023 | Match report

Finally not an old team

Still recovering from our game the day before and without our trusted captain Stef we got on our bikes and headed to the sportscentre. The opponent was fearful of our razor lined caps and had tried to postpone the match. Lennart convinced them that facing gents 9 is a hard task no matter what day they played us, so they might as well get it over with. Upon arriving at the sportscentre and starting our warming up we were delighted to see a team in our poule that wasn’t filled with old guys. As it was the f... Read more

Heren 9 | 29-03-2023 | Match report

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