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The "infamous" third set keeping us away from 'altijd pieken' (always peaking)

On Saturday, November 4, we played a Saturday match for the first time this season. We knew beforehand that it would be a tough game, as we were up against Eurosped Pollux, the number two at the time. The opponents also knew it would be tough, otherwise, why would you have 4 coaches on the sideline. Nevertheless, we went into the match full of confidence and that paid off in a 1-3 win for Harambee! And which set we lost, well, that was, of course, the infamous third set. Anyway, back to the beginning. When ... Read more

Dames 3 | 20-11-2023 | Match report

Unfortunately, there was still a down between the last peaks.

Afgelopen vrijdag waren we met dames 3 in het mooie Delden te vinden. De tentamenweek zat er voor iedereen eindelijk op, dus nu kunnen we dan echt uitkijken naar kerst! Voor we met iedereen naar Delden reden (want ja hoor, iedereen kon bij de wedstrijd zijn, echte teamspirit!) hebben we even de schade van de tentamens bij iedereen geïnventariseerd… Die bleek toch wel aanwezig te zijn, waar de een de hele nacht had overgegeven, was de ander nog aan het bijkomen van het tentamen van een uur geleden. We zat... Read more

Dames 3 | 13-11-2023 | Match report

Another cozy Christmas weekend

On Friday 27 October, we again pulled out all the peaks to go out and shine a match. The atmosphere was right in with the taking of our team photo, which showed us all peaking. We certainly continued this in the match, as we won set after set (and yes, even the infamous 3rd set), ending with a 4-0 win, our first of the season! There were also certainly some not-so-high peaks in the match such as the crate of beer due to a serve that went under the net, almost two in fact, and some balls where the communicat... Read more

Dames 3 | 02-11-2023 | Match report

The echoing victory

Yes, the 4th match of this season has been again. This match we played in beautiful (almost German) Langeveen. The beginning of the match was a great success, not only by volleyball but also by handball. Also some lovely balls were pumped into the opponent's field. There was no room for the referee or the spike on the Christmas tree (we unfortunately noticed this a few times with passes as well), but the minimal space off the court was compensated by their open center hole. The cozy Christmas atmosphere aft... Read more

Dames 3 | 27-10-2023 | Match report

The first win with a Christmas touch!

On Friday evening, the third match of the season brought both volleyball and a touch of Christmas spirit. Although we thought we would have a cozy evening with the entire team, we unfortunately had to do it without a sick teammate. However, this didn't stop us from approaching the game with full energy. Before the match, we gave a card to the referee, not a yellow or red one, but a Christmas card. This was in honor of Week of the Referee. After wishing success to the opponents, the match began. The first se... Read more

Dames 3 | 10-10-2023 | Match report

Limited space for beautiful peaks

After playing our first match last week, we have now completed our second match, which also happened to be our first away game. Just like you cannot start preparing for Christmas early enough, we arrived at the hall in Saasveld well in time. However, the door was still locked, and the key had to be fetched first. This did not deter us from starting our own Christmas party; while we waited outside, the first notes of "All I Want for Christmas" filled the air. As we were changing inside, we added to our wish ... Read more

Dames 3 | 02-10-2023

The "peaks" of the first match of the season

Now the new college year has started, we have as usual a new team and the start of a new season. After two weeks of thinking about a nice theme and creating a beautiful logo and movie, we could finally start with our first match of the year. Unfortunately, we were incomplete, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable. While being cheered from the bench, we did our best on the field to get the best possible result. This made it an exciting match with beautiful attacks, nasty balls but also a lukewarm fristi... Read more