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All about Fienie

Playing on Friday night has something very fun to it, you can enjoy some “fine dining” together. This sounds very relaxed, which it is for all but one player, the player that has to cook. This week this noble task was given to Fienie. As always, the amount of time that is needed to cook a meal for a big group versus the amount of time that the cook has are not aligned. And thus, an hour before we would meet to eat, Fienie was running through the supermarket, putting everything in her cart she could get ... Read more

Cruella de Vil | 17-11-2021 | Match report

Going by bike to the match

Last friday it was time for a new match. This time we had to play not so far from Enschede, namely in Hengelo. Because of that, as sporty as we are, we decided to go by bike. Our game started at 19:00h, so we met at 17:50h on campus and biked together to Hengelo. After 15 minutes of biking (for some of us 30 minutes🥵 beceause they live in the city) we arrived in Henglo. An advantage of going by bike, is that you already did the warming-up! After we arrived we put on our beautiful Cruella de VII outfit: o... Read more