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Spannie match

On the bright early Saturday morning, some a little hangover, we had to start the most exciting match of the season. Namely, against the number 1! Since we really wanted to win, we asked the association to come and cheer us on with great success! During the first set, the crowd slowly grew. In the first set it was already visible how exciting the match would become since it could be seen we are equal to each other... Unfortunately, the first set was lost, however, this gave the team and the crowd more motiv... Read more

Dames 7 | 18-02-2024 | Match report

Sometimes you just need to win

We started the day with half the team doing a bar shift at 08:00. Slightly regretting the early shift it was still fun to do! After that, we started the match which was everything but inspiring. We played against Webton, who we won 0-4 against last time. The only thing we remembered vividly from that match was their coach, who kept the ball with him way too long and came into the field often. He did that this game as well, so nothing interesting or new there.  The sets were also not interesting, we won the... Read more

Dames 7 | 31-01-2024 | Match report

Our last time in Langeveen

This week we had to go to Langeveen again, pffff. For those who don’t know: if you have to go to Langeveen, you have to drive 45 minutes to arrive in a tiny town. The sports hall is located in a primary school and is very small. The ceiling is low and the space next to the fields is very limited. This is why we were not excited to go there, but of course, we do everything no for a nice game of volleyball.  Before the match we had a lovely dinner at Janneke’s house. It was especially lovely because as w... Read more

Dames 7 | 25-01-2024 | Match report

Ladies 7 strikes again!

Dear reader,   Today’s match was against Devoc ladies 4. Last time we won 2-3 against them, so it was likely going to be an exciting match. Well, spoiler alert, we totally smashed them away.  The match started off very evenly until we got to 24-24. We knew we were better, but because we wanted to give them some hope we let them win the first set. It was all tackics of course. Their spirits were now very high, meaning we could burn them down even more.  So, that’s what we did in the second set. In the... Read more

Dames 7 | 13-01-2024 | Match report

Another win for ladies 7!

On Saturday the 18th of November it was time again to shine! There was a match planned against Fysio Engbersen Aastad Dames 5 (what a tall name), the number 4 in the competition. With almost everyone present, it was time to start the match.   The first set was very exciting and really close. Unfortunately, we lost this set with 27-25. The second set we came back and won 25-16. The third set we lost with 25-21.  Of course we wanted to play a fifth set, wo we tried extra hard in the fourth set to come back.... Read more

Dames 7 | 01-12-2023 | Match report

Defeated the number 2

On Friday the 10th of November it was time for a match again, yay! We had to play against HVC Dames 5, who are the number 2 in the ranking. So this promised to be an exciting match! As the hooligans we are, we went with the v.v. Drienerlo van to Den Ham. Of course, we wanted some good pump up music, however, no one had an aux port so no good songs. It was the radio or a CD. As team we thought, lets go old school. Searching for a nice CD, we found out there was only one CD available. We ended up listening to... Read more

Dames 7 | 15-11-2023 | Match report

A battle between the coaches

It’s Friday, theeeen it’s time for a match again! This time we had to play against Webton ladies 5. Since the match was in Hengelo, we could go by bike this time. Unfortunately, Swieber stole the good weather so when we arrived at the sports hall we were fully doorweekt and cold. This was also not the only thing that was taken by Swieber, he also took Sanne’s socks. That is not very nice of you Swieber! At the warming-up, we were not really intimidated by the opponent. So we started the first set with... Read more

Dames 7 | 15-10-2023 | Match report

The second 4-0 for ladies 7!

Another week, another match. The team dinner was nice, and the vide was good, so we were ready to go! But our opponent was late, so we had to wait anxiously for their arrival. Six young girls walked onto the pitch, no coach, no substitutes. The six young girls turned out to be decent players as individuals, but were not very coherent as a team. When you put that against us, a well oiled machine, the score was already predetermined to turn out in our favour. The real match for us was the question, how many p... Read more

Dames 7 | 09-10-2023 | Match report

Swieber stole all our stuff!

On the lovely evening of Friday the 29th of September, ladies 7 had a match plannend against Devoc Dames 4 in Delden. With the winning of 4-0 of the last match in their mind, there was a lot of good hopes for winning this match too.  But then suddenly some weird things were happening with some stuff of us… We almost forgot our balls?! We had to make a little detour but eventually almost all of us made it to the train. Except for Merijn and Janneke who had to get the balls. What a filthy move of you Swieb... Read more

Dames 7 | 05-10-2023 | Match report

First win for Harambee this season!!

Saturday we played our first match against Mintonette ladies 3. Really early in the morning we came to the spc. Unfortunately the ladies of Mintonette were less excited. We started to think they weren’t coming when they arrived at the court, so we started a little late. Nonetheless we started the game and won the set with 25-12.  Then the second set we won with 10-25. Kinda disappointing because we really wanted a beer from our amazing coaches.  We started to think the game would be an easy win. But the... Read more