The 51st edition of the Batavierenrace will take place on the 28th of April 2023 this year. This is one of the greatest events of the year that is the mixture of a sport-event and a big social event.

Batavierenrace is a relay race that starts from Nijmegen and ends at our beautiful campus in Enschede with more than 350 teams competing. The race is divided into 25 stages with different distances from 3.5 km to 10.7 km, so it is perfectly fine if you do not want to run long distances. Besides running, it is also one of the most fun weekends that you get the experience as a student. After the race, the biggest student party in Europe will take place with over 12,000 students. Yes, you read it right officially the biggest student party in Europe!

As Harambee, we will join this amazing event with a team of 25 people as runners. Besides, we will also need some drivers to drive our fun van throughout the race. So, make sure to sign up and get your spot on our team. And most importantly get ready to have one of the most memorable weekends of your student life.

If you are curious about how Batavierenrace went last year you can watch the aftermovie from here.


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28-04-2023 22:30 tot 30-04-2023 23:59