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⛩️ Heren Samurein fight first cup-match

On a rainy Wednesday evening, the brave samurai of Harambee Gents 1 gathered at the sports centre, joined by Alex, Nikolay and Vince. This time not for a regular training, but for the first cup match of the year. After an hour of driving over small country roads, Harambee arrived in Doesburg to play against Gents 1 of ACE. In the first set, ACE set off with a strong start, resulting in an equal score in the beginning of the set. Luckily, Harambee was able to improve the level of play. Big attacks brought t... Lees meer

Heren 1 | 05-11-2023

⛩️ Tight fight at Deventer Dojo

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the brave warriors of Harambee men's 1 gathered for a journey towards Deventer Dojo. A battle on the volleyball court awaits us. Our opponent, Avior men's 2, greets us with familiarity in the form of Leon. The first set began with Avior men's 2 looking quite ready for the fight, launching powerful attacks and sharp strikes that pierced through the Harambee defense. With their valiant efforts to fend off every assault, Harambee veiled through with a blocking frenzy and stopped m... Lees meer

Heren 1 | 03-10-2023 | Wedstrijdverslag

⛩️ The first battle for Heren Samurein 🐱‍👤

On Saturday the 23rd of September, the first battle for Heren Samurein took place, against the second team of our neighbouring association in Borne, Apollo 8. The team was made ready for the start of a new season through three practice skirmishes in Borne, Enschede and Losser, under the supervision of Sensei Monica. After the standard battle preparation, lunch while getting some inspiration from other teams, a long warming-up in the wooden halls and the stands slowly getting filled with enthusiastic Harambe... Lees meer