A lot to learn for H2 in Losser

­Last Friday it was finally time again to play a match! A new season, new players, unfortunately, fewer people with a car. Out of necessity, we were going to bike to Losser, but then H3 came to the rescue. They also had to play in Losser and luckily for us had a fourth car, so all of us could go to Losser by car. Half-past five, the meeting time at the McDonalds on the woonplein. Still a bit early to have dinner, so on a half-empty stomach we went to Losser. Once arrived there was a nice surprise, during the pandemic, they had torn down their old hall and build an entirely new and more modern one! There was still time for a cup of coffee, then to the dressing rooms to once again get in our trusted orange and purple outfit. It was time for the match against Volley ’68 HS1 (and Monica). Unfortunately, Pim had some cold symptoms and could not join us, so Niels took the role of libero upon himself!

From the beginning, it was clear that it would be a tough match. We were making mistakes in the basics, while our opponents had everything under control. We did manage to score some points, but nice rallies were alternated with serving errors and open blocks. This resulting in the first set ending in 25-16 for Volley ’68.

With a change of players and renewed energy, we started the second set. There is more eagerness to fight for points and for a while, the difference between ourselves and our opponents is not that big. However, still too many mistakes are made. Unfortunately, the second set ends the same as the first set, with a 25-16 score in favor of Volley.

The third and fourth sets were a bit similar to the second set. We fought for points, but also made mistakes. All this time, the opponent kept their cool, defended our attacks, and managed to score points. The third set ended as the first two, in 25-16, and the final set ended in 25-18.


We did our best, but Henny concluded was that there is still a lot to learn. With this in mind, we moved to the dressing rooms again. While enjoying Basti’s homemade snacks we took a shower (you’d expect some nice showers in a new hall but nothing was less true…) had a nice beer in the canteen and then went back to Enschede to have a nice dinner, together with H3, at the McDonalds.


Vrijdag mocht eindelijk ons paars en oranje tenue weer aan

Een 4-0 nederlaag, we konden ze niet verslaan

Er valt nog genoeg te leren

Zo gaan we  beter blokkeren

En punten pakken voortaan!

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Volley '68 Heren 1
Gast team Stormtwoopers
Datum 24-09-2021 19:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie de Fakkel
Gronausestraat 107
7581CE Losser
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets -, -, -