Room for improvement for H2 in Rijssen

Last Saturday it was finally time for our second match. We couldn’t play during the first homeweekend, because the match was cancelled by our opponent ☹. Therefore we first have our second away match in Rijssen.

Before the match the stormTWOopers had a nice France brunch at 10:45 at our one and only France teammate Thomas. We ate some tasty croissants, eggs, bacon and had some orange juice. After the brunch we drank some coffee to get ready for the trip to Rijssen. At 11:45 we got a text message from or Dark trainer (Henny) that he arrived and was ready to go, without hesitation the stormTWOopers followed his command. In Rijssen some stormTWOopers had an AA to get even more energy for the match. In the dressing room we got the last details and tactics from or leader (dark trainer). Play easy, take focus for serving and play our own game.  

After our warm up routine it was time to start the match. We had a rusty start in the first set and at a score of 8-2 behind our Dark trainer was forced to take a time out. The message was clear, guys the match is started, COME ON wake up and start playing. This helped, but due to too many serve and pass mistakes we couldn’t close the gap anymore. 25-17 for Rivo Rijssen HS1

For the second set some small changes were made in our line-up. The goal was to remove the pass and serve errors, which would result in a win in the second set. However, it went the complete other way. We made even more pass mistakes and serve errors. Especially the serve errors made it really hard to get back in the game. In the end the set score was painful 25-9.

We felt lost, but it was only 2-0 and if we could decrease the amount of stupid mistakes we still had a chance. However our faces showed otherwise, stormTWOoper Sander saw this as well and started to sing: I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world. The rest followed just as we did in our theme presentation movie. Yes, we really did this. You should have seen the face of the referee, hahaha. This way we started the third set with a positive vibe, which had immediately resulted in a head start 9-6. Unfortunately, when the 20-20 was reached we started to get some nerves a lost the third set as well. 25-21

In the fourth set we did our best to win our first set of the season, but we didn’t succeed ☹. 25-18

The conclusion of this match was simple: make less serves errors and relax more in passing, then we have a good chance the next time. As the dark trainer puts it: ‘there is still much to learn and room for improvement 😉’. Hopefully are the stormTWOopers fast learners, because the next match is already upcoming Friday. Come and cheer us to our first victory.


Passen en serveren ging deze wedstrijd te vaak fout

We zullen gaan trainen voor een betere side-out

We hebben hiervoor een week de tijd

En dan zullen we klaar staan voor de volgende zware strijd

Vrijdag gaan we tegen Fysio Engbersen Aastad HS1 voor niets minder dan goud

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Rivo Rijssen Heren 1
Gast team Stormtwoopers
Datum 09-10-2021 13:30
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Reggehal
Nieuwlandsweg 1
7461VP Rijssen
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets -, -, -