Heren Toverkracht, a journey of champions: part 1

Heren toverkracht, a journey of champions

The magical journey in the magical world of the team Heren Toverkracht continues. This week, a formidable foe was encountered and I am here to tell you the tale.


After Heren Toverkracht left the previous battle with two wounded, they continued their journey to the championship. However, many hurdles remain on the road… A familiar voice speaks to them:


“On your way to glory, you find a new opponent. This gang of elders has terrorised the border with Germanicum for some time. They come from a very small town, but are no easy foe because of it. With years of experience, they will not falter. I am speaking of course, about Flash Stars HS 1.”


With this information, Heren Toverkracht thought of a possible strategy to defeat these experienced warriors. Practice and good dinner would be necessary to be in top shape, therefore the best time to strike seemed to be on Friday evening. After having dinner in their home town, Heren Toverkracht went on their way in their liquid dinosaur fuelled carriages. The tension was to cut…


“You arrive in Langeveen, but not without trouble. One of your carriages was left behind and the other two entered a wrong road. The latter are able to get out, but not without necessary struggle. A sidewalk was hit by one of the drivers. Luckily, there is no damage to the carriage, only his pride got a small dent. So, where is this third car…?”


Heren Toverkracht decides it’s best to wait inside. After all, it was already dark out and you never know what can happen when you are in enemy territory. Soon after, the third car safely arrived and Heren Toverkracht got ready for the battle. With their new chest armor and the old orange shorts equipped, Heren Toverkracht started their un-intimidating warming up.


“ ‘You cannot continue like this’ said grand wizard Niels as he shook his head and rallied everyone together. He instructed you on how to properly warm up and the enemies on the other side of the net were in awe of your new-found coordination. The echoing of the hall as you stamped your feet and hit the volleyballs could only be compared to drums in an empty cave. The battlefield could however only be compared to a very small cave that, despite official rules, had a roof you could touch when two of you would stand on each other’s necks. The sides were also quickly limited by steep walls outside the battlefield. So much so, that the rules of battle changed to be more lenient towards voetfouten. You have a good laugh about the field, and it was time for the match, not knowing what this claustrophobic experience would mean for its results...”


Heren Toverkracht gave it their all during the first set of battles. However, the opponents were quicker than expected. These old men knew how to fight… Balls were flying all around, especially too much upwards. Before Heren Toverkracht knew it, half of the battles were already fought. Something needed to change. No more excuses. The tough 4-2 system is now well-ingrained in our heads. The roof would not get higher on its own. Heren Toverkracht’s enthusiasm would need to blow the roof right off for a change to happen.


“You decide a new strategy: mental breakdown. The third set of battles begins with greater enthusiasm than before! You score, and score, and score. Leaving the old men weaker than before and behind in morale. It feels euphoric and with that happiness, more and more songs are sung. The bards already tell your tale far and wide. Even the villagers in Germanicum have already heard of you. The strategy is working and the enemy is taking some hard hits. Balls are kicked  in anger all over the place after you ‘HOE HOE’ *clap clap* ‘HOE HOE’ *clap clap* once again. But then…”


Alas, the enemy bet its joker. With their enthusiasm, Heren Toverkracht forgot to reserve energy for the last points. The finishing blow could not be given and Heren Toverkracht gets served by Langeveen’s town elder. Over and over again. A final push was barely enough to finish the job. With a minimal difference at the end, the third set of battles is also lost. A final attempt is made with some changes in the team composition, but it could not be helped. A 4-0 loss for Heren Toverkracht again. The mood won’t change, however. With smiling faces Heren Toverkracht congratulates the opponents and gets changed. After all, in these tough times, all they need is some good pie to make everything better. The real win is yet to be received.


“After showering, you move to the canteen in the basement of the facility. It sounds like a suspicious place, but it is much nicer than expected. The opponents are there as well and even they managed to become more joyful. You’re beat up, therefore most of you order water to recharge. You go to the barkeep to ask for some. He says: ‘we don’t drink water here. If you want that, we would need to haul it from a nearby village.’ Confused, you try to argue that there is a sink right behind him. He shakes his head and simply disagrees like a blind man. As if you were not beaten hard enough yet, he stomps you into the ground with this ridicule.”


Heren Toverkracht needed to innovate once again. One of them was sly as a fox. He ordered hot water, which the barkeep was happy to provide. Another decided to order a beer, ‘water is poisonous anyway’, he said. The rest was more stubborn and they decide to check outside the basement. Right there, in front of the entrance, to no one’s surprise, was another sink. With their own bottles to fill, they did not hesitate and had a good laugh about the stupid situation. The party went back to their hometown, happy and with well-filled bellies. It was time for a good night’s rest with no remorse. Maybe next time, they thought to themselves. I guess, we will have to see then, when this saga continues…


“Of course, a limerick best summarizes today’s journey:

With more adventures ahead

The story continues like a thread

The opponent got mad

Without cake to be had

All people who drink water, end up dead”


Until next time,

Heren Toverkracht

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Flash Stars Heren 1
Gast team ToverkrAcht
Datum 08-10-2021 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie de Gaarf
Kerklaan 2
7679VG Langeveen
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets -, -, -