A joint second love

As you might have seen in our teammovie, all of ladies 2 has not one, but two loves. What we have not mentioned yet was that the team has a joint second love… 

for ‘hard gaan’ or going hard as it translates to in english. Before, during and after the our third official game against Kuiper Flevoll DS2 expression of this love was abundant. 


It all started a couple hours before the game, friday 1800 hours to be exact, when the larger part of ladies two gathered with the promise of getting a three course meal.  What was yet unknown to all participants, was that they would be doing a facial workout as well as get some food. Although no comments were made about the soup, and neither the taste of all three courses, both the bread and the brownies were working on their winx transformation into a brick. Although Emma said that she had really chopped her chocolate in small pieces, we doubt that she was able to discern a small piece from the entire chocolate bar. 


Having now had the perfect warming up, the entire team set off towards the pictoresque Fleringen, getting some adrenaline through spicy driving as a bonus(by Suzanne especially). After cheering on ladies 3 towards their victory, ladies 2 bravely set off to achieve hard victory themselves. 


During the first set, although being hard set on getting a good start, it turned out the winning spirit was still slightly unawakened. In the second set, and after that, that same fighting spirit had a definite awakening, causing the game to be very exciting (or maybe too exciting for the heart), both in-field and out-field. And although opponent definitely pushed through and managed to get some good points, our own players had that little edge of the hardest songbelching (also an extra shoutout to the O.G.’s Ladies 3 for that) and put up a good defence, hard attack and resilience when a few rallies would go to waste, not giving Flevoll another set as a result and winning 3-1!


Some of the memories made during and after this match will last long. Here is a short summary; 

  • Some very good and beautiful dancing. 
  • Kimberly having undoubtedly hardest ketser of the game, which was of course purposefully directed to be stuck in the ceiling afterwards. She also showed real sportmanship and worked hard together with our opponents to get it out again. 
  • Marije working hard in the block and jumping so high we think she would fly to the moon. 
  • Not to forget, rising all the way to a (temporary) first position in the rankings!


So after a very decent game overall and taking a bit too long to make this blog, we are excited to work hard this homeweekend, both during and after the game…


Met allervolleybeste groeten, 

Ladies 2. 

Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Kuipers Flevoll Dames 2
Gast team Second Love
Datum 08-10-2021 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie de Spil
Oldenzaalseweg 86
7666LH Fleringen
Uitslag 1 - 3
Sets -, -, -