⚡ Anlaufschwierigkeiten

This Saturday our yearly preparation tournament was on our schedule. After a somewhat unsatisfying tournament in Borne we were determined to set the right tone for the upcoming season.


In the early morning we met the very experienced Vips Bardot H1, who also introduced two new players they acquired from Webton Hengelo to us. With Marijn being injured we needed to appoint a substitute libero for the game and of course we choose the tallest player we had available, nobody other than Leon. With the line-up set, still half asleep but with anticipation we took the field. The first set did not go as planned, especially the motivation, team spirit and sharpness were absent. Well, in the second set nearly the whole line-up changed, as is usual for a preparation tournament, and the new players were looking forward to their first opportunity to tie up the game. Those hopes were turning out just as well as new year's resolutions and the second set was a mirror image of the first one. But hey, at least we were consistent.

With a bad taste in our mouths, we did pick up 7 points from the Vips Bardot last season after all, we used our break to get grounded by Monica and energized by coffee in the canteen. With a better plan, possible punishment fitness training outside and newfound readiness to fight we began the warmup for the game against gents 2. Our plans showed effect and we managed to fix the mental problems from the first match to secure a victory with two sets to none. We were very pleased with this result, since especially mentally we have a history in performing bad against an even more motivated gents 2.

Directly after that the recreational team from Weghorst Makelaardij WVC Volley (since we now mentioned three sponsors from other teams, we will start sending out invoices) were waiting for us. The match would turn out quite similar to the gents 2 match with some ups and downs, but a solid two nothing win.


All in all we build a foundation and found some new (old tbh) things to work on in the next two weeks before we travel to Apeldoorn for our season opener against Dros-Alterno H2 (make that four sponsors).