⚡Heren Thunderdome vs. Vips Bardot

Last saturday it was once again time to go to war on the court on home territory. We started our afternoon with a nice lunch on the terrace of the canteen. This time we faced another strong oppenent, Vibs Bardot HS1, currently placed 3rd out of 12 teams. After an hour of warmup and the stand nice and filled it was time for the game.

The first set was a close battle until a score of 20-20, then the Vips made it 20-23 by two block tools and a strong serve leading to an overpass. Then we both scored a point ->21-24, after which we could not manage a comeback only making it to an end score of 23-25.

In the second set, things were looking up, because we made it to a scores of 8-4 and 12-8. But then the vips started closing the gap meeting us at a score of 15-15. After that they got a lead of about three points and didn't let go. The set ended 22-25.

The thrird set showed that the Vips played a very stable game that day, they were ahead all across the set and beat us 20-25 even with Leon's two very nice service aces.

In the final set you might expect us to lose motivation after being beat 20-25 the previous set. The set started with a couple service mistakes, but from the mood I could tell, everyone was still dead serious. We traded points to a score of 8-7 and then with Tariq on serve we manage to get ourselves a lead of tree points. We hold this lead to a score of 15-11 when with Simon on serve we expand our lead with another point to a score of 17-12. The team was starting to taste victory but we kept serious. We traded points until we got to 23-18, the Vips took two point from our lead but it was too late for them to come back. We won the set 25-21 after a nice pass from Marijn, leading to a nice set from Tariq and Yuri smashing the ball down into the Vips' court.

Aanstaande zaterdag spelen we om 13:00 in Doetingchem tegen Orion HS 4, kom vooral kijken!



Heren Thunderdome



Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Heren 1
Gast team Vips Bardot Heren 1
Datum 29-10-2022 17:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Uitslag 1 - 3
Sets 23-25, 22-25, 20-25, 25-21