The win goes to Groep 1 and the Orange Lions… not 🐯😄🦁😭

Welcome again to another team blog!!! 🙋‍♀️

Last weekend was so much fun! 😄 We did a lot of things. But it was also a bit sad because the Dutch soccer team had lost! 😭 But then it was nice again, while Saskia had her fifth birthday. 🥳 More reason for parties! 🎉 So we had, the next day we went to the gala and Zare, and Inez, and Romy had to dance. 💃💃💃 They were really good at it! We were allowed to stay up waaaaaay past bed time. 🛏️😴Sorry, I get distracted too easily but there is so much to tell… So now about the match against the yellow-blue girls. 🏆

We started a bit too late because gents six took a bit longer. So we watched the Dutch national soccer team on livestream. ⚽️📺 After we cheered both Dutch lions and Gents 6, we started the warming up with the full team. Inez could walk, and run, and touch a ball again! 🏐 We were all really happy. 😁During attacking we were nervous. All the yellow-blue girls are jumping with their feet over the middle line. 😠 Not any more ankle injuries please! We were just complete again… The referee blew his whistle. We changed our shirts and there was panic. 😫 Donika missed her shirt. Oopsie!! 🙀 Luckily, Yvette give us no. 4 shirt and calmness had returned. We could start the match! 🏅

The first set was really wooow! 🤩 Zare served so many times. The other girls did not have a response. We blinked a few times with our eyes and the match was over. 25-8, that was so cool. 🙌🏆

Then we had the second set. That was a bit more difficult than the previous one. The other girls found out how to give passes and we could not score that easily anymore. But we won, we were stronger, with 25-22. 💪That gave us courage and more power. We had a lot more serve pressure, and good passes, and good sets, and good attacks. Boom! 25-14. 🙌🏐 Then we started to get a bit more tired and play like the Orange Lions. 🦁 We got behind from the start and we tried to fight back but we made too many mistakes. This set ended with 21-25. 😢

We did not want to cheer because there was no time. ⏰ The Dutch soccer team was still playing and it was a tie! 😩 So that meant penalties. That did not go so well for them. 

In the canteen there was a pyjamas party! 🎉 But we were really hungry. Eva had brought super lekker pies! 🤤🤤 So we ate really fast and showered even faster so we could join for the party. Everyone was so  cute, and cosy, and comfy. 😍❤️ We almost fell asleep but we had to stay awake for Saskia! At midnight we had sung for her. She was happy. 😊 Then we could finally go home and sleep. 💤😴

We hope you liked our story. It was a bit chaotic but so much great stuff had happened. We would like to tell you more. But mama told us to shut down the computer. Need to go. Bye!!!!! See you next time xxx 👋


The match against Halley was okay,

Not much more to add, nor to say.

Now, with four points more,

We are ready to roar.

Next game, we will again win the play!



Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Dames 1
Gast team Halley Dames 2
Datum 09-12-2022 21:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Uitslag 3 - 1
Sets 25-8, 25-22, 25-14, 21-25