Ending 2022 with a defeat in Pigeons 🐦 (Duiven)

Hi everyone 👋👋

Thank you for your patience on this team blog. Actually, we did not want to write this team blog. You will understand that when you look at the outcome of our game against Livo in the Nevobo app 🙁 However, we have a team blog streak to keep alive, so here we are. Even though it is a bit late. Sorry!!!!!

First of all, to answer all your questions on Instagram: there are also other birds in Duiven, not just pigeons only 🐦

Second of all, our play was not so nice. We want to apologise to the very best Gents 1 who supported us till the end (a very very big thank you, Thunderdome! 🪩), as we just did not reach our best level and they had to watch that 👎👎

We all went for a suuuuper long car ride 🚙 At destination, we had lunch provided by Romy. And then we saw Alieke from ladies 2 there. Most of us had cravings for AA Drink so she got that for us ❤️ With full bellies and quenched thirsts, we headed into the hall and then had to wait for the other games to finish up ☑️  To kill some time, we tried some new tricks that we had seen on IG reels and TikTok. Those did not work out. 

Eventually, after half an hour, we could start our warming up 🔥 They had the newest Gala balls, so we had to try them out. Well, those were not so our thing 🏐 (serving mistakes ~5 each set)😅

Anyway, the game… As written above, not so well; below our standards. We can be short and concise: 

Anouk had good serves, Donika had a marvellous block, and Inez is back! She played for the first time again since her injury. Woooo! 😁

Besides the lost, the opponents were not so nice - and neither the referees. This was an emotional match and we had two games to play, against Livo and against ourselves 😣 Ending 2022 with a 4-0 defeat felt pathetic and unsatisfactory 😢  

To soothe ourselves we had some Arretjescake and watched the Gents 1 game. This was in vain, they lost as well from this club. 


Nothing more to say,

About this super bad play.

One of the darkest games this year,

But our spirit to win did not tear.

We will show this Friday. 





Wedstrijd info

Thuis team LIVO Dames 1
Gast team Dames 1
Datum 17-12-2022 14:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Triominos
Eltensestraat 4
6922JB Duiven
Uitslag 4 - 0
Sets 25-22, 25-18, 25-15, 25-21