Family day at Harambee

The energy for our match against the number 1 in our competition was high, Stef spoke some motivation into us before we headed into the battlefront. With our families in the stands and our caps on during the warming up we started strong. We got off on a strong foot and sadly lost the first set 20-25. Our razor-lined caps and the loud singing after each point did not only intimidate the opponents from Vriezenveen but also seemed to intimidate the referee with a lot of replays being given. Despite the intimidation and the switches from our coaches Lennart and Naomi, we could not get beyond 23-25 for the next two sets. With our caps in our hands and having lost the match we did not give up to give the families that came from all over by trains and by horse carriages a last set to be remembered. We blocked several of their attacks and we played maybe the best volleyball we have played all season, however, we could not sneak a set from the white-haired Vrivo team.


After the match the famous grab bag of craft beers came from Dennis, one of the Peaky Nineders managed to secure himself a Leffe Blond while the rest were stuck with Kanon or with Gladiator. Going to the sports canteen always helps to calm the emotions after a loss and the cake raises the spirits.

We took time off from gambling

As our match was happening

Against the fearsome Vriezenveen

We played like a well-oiled machine

But they proved to be too challenging


Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Heren 9
Gast team Vrivo Heren 2
Datum 28-01-2023 13:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Uitslag 0 - 4
Sets 20-25, 23-25, 23-25, 21-25