Blamage in Delden

Before the match it is important to get a good meal in, for some of us, this meant traveling to Germany (Glanerbrug) to enjoy the meal with some teammates. Due to some unforeseen issues with modern transportation methods, we had to depart from the luxury of electric travel and we reverted to man-powered horse carriages to get to the dinner location. After dinner, the issues with modern travel were resolved and we started our journey toward Delden. Upon arrival the entry to the hall was unclear and we tried to see where we had to enter the canteen. After a reminder that we can only drink after the match, we walked into the dressing room to get ready for the battle. In the hall, we discovered that our balls were soft and this took time from our warming up.


The match started after a brief warming-up, we started okay but the communication was below our level. We managed to win the first set by the skin of our teeth. Afterward, there were strong words from the coaches about being slow and communicating more on the field. From the bench, the songs that were sung for most of the set were starting to annoy and confuse the opponents. So much so that they thought they were playing football and kicked the ball to save it from hitting the floor, however, the referee was not having it and called it every time. The next sets were worse than the first and we lost the second and third sets. The fourth set started stronger and we were looking for the equalizer so that we could still win the match. The score was 20-20 and it was hard to watch on the bench, sadly we lost a few points due to a good serve by Devoc. After this defeat, we forgot the shower beer and to make the morale even lower there was no time for someone to bring a cake. Out of the goodness of their heart, Devoc gave our coaches a piece of their cake.


Overall we were playing weak

The coaches had a critique

Of our deserved loss

We walked off the field with remorse

In the future, we have to focus on technique



Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Devoc Heren 3
Gast team Heren 9
Datum 03-02-2023 20:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Sporthal Dr. Quantstraat
Doctor C A J Quantstraat 17
7478XA Diepenheim
Uitslag 3 - 1
Sets 26-28, 25-22, 25-19, 25-22