Swieber stole all our stuff!

On the lovely evening of Friday the 29th of September, ladies 7 had a match plannend against Devoc Dames 4 in Delden. With the winning of 4-0 of the last match in their mind, there was a lot of good hopes for winning this match too. 

But then suddenly some weird things were happening with some stuff of us… We almost forgot our balls?! We had to make a little detour but eventually almost all of us made it to the train. Except for Merijn and Janneke who had to get the balls. What a filthy move of you Swieber! Now we cannot warm up properly before the match :(. But we managed to stop Swieber. Yes we did it!

In the middle of the walk, a really nice lady drove by and offered us a ride to the sports hall (she probably saw us struggling with all the sports bags). Because we were with too many to fit all in the car, we decided to just let her transport our sports bags, which made the walk to the sports hall a lot better. When we got to the sports hall, we couldn’t find our bags. Where would they be? Did Swieber take them? Did he not want us to play the game? Luckily, we did find the lady and got our bags.

Now we have the bags and the balls, it was finally time to change into our sports outfit. But, in the dressing room we found out that more stuff was stolen! Sanne did not found her volleyball pants in her bag. And playing volleyball in jeans is not really convenient. Did Swieber take the shorts out of her bag? We only let him alone for a couple of minutes?! But luckily a nice old lady had an extra short in her bag. So we managed to stop Swieber again! Also Laura also did not find an important piece of clothing in her sports bag. Laura was missing her sports bra, which is also quite necessary for a match. Unfortunately, the nice old lady did not have an extra sports bra in her bag. 

And so, the match begins. The game was really exciting. Also, because some of the points the team who we played against could decide who won the point. We think the referee was maybe bribed by Swieber, so that we would lose the game. But nonetheless we won the match after two hours (?!) and a fifth set! Yes we did it!


Did swieber steal our stuf?

We said we have enough 

We won the game 

Maybe swieber was not the one to blame. 


Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Devoc Dames 4
Gast team Dames 7
Datum 29-09-2023 20:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Sporthal de Mors
De Mors 3
7491DZ Delden
Uitslag 2 - 3
Sets 25-22, 18-25, 24-26, 25-22, 6-15