Same Ken, New Beach

This weekend, it was once again time for us to Ken things up in our match vs Devoc Gents 3. This time, team Ken was looking different than usual. It felt like looking into a mirror, because Pablo Ken was playing opposite to his opposite position, he was now playing as 😱 diagonal 😱. Even more shocking was that one of our middle Kens, Quincy Ken, took a few steps to the left and was playing as an outside hitter.

We entered the match with much Kenfidency, as our coach Timon Ken told us that our spry knees and strong backs would last longer than our slightly older opponents. Despite this, our typical starting 6 lineup was not able to bring the first set home. We were all so excited to see our Kens in their new positions that we couldn't focus on our own hits, passes and sets, as we were anxiously Kenticipating the next set where we could watch them play. After losing the first set, a small pep talk, strawberries, and some subbing, our new team was ready to show them our Kenergy. Right off the bat, Pablo Ken and Quincy Ken showed the world why they deserved the new positions, helping the ball achieve speeds Devoc had never seen before. After a close 2nd set, the score was tied. We knew that we needed to keep up the streak for the next set, and all our Kens tried their hardest. Devoc also had the same idea though, and they put on their A-game, unleashing all weapons in their aresnal, most impressive of which was a reception of the ball with their heads!!. Kenfully, Alex Ken was there to block them with all Ken fingers.

After winnig the 3rd set, the score was 2-1 for us. We knew that we had to win, to collect the most points for our Beach-off vs the other teams. With hearts of plastic and hands of plastic as well, we put on our best flower shirts and unleashed our secret weapon: our setter, Kai Ken. After giving us sets as precise as an integral in calculating the area underneath a curve, he decided it was time to show our opponents no mercy, after they told Yildirim Ken that he was their favorite player. Kai Ken hit them with a glorious hit, amazing everyone who witnessed it, making our own outside and diagnonal hitters wonder whether they should retire. With that, we managed to win the match, and we are waiting in anticipation for the next home weekend, where we will play against our own countryKens(countrymen), gents 9.


Wedstrijd info

Thuis team Heren 10
Gast team Devoc Heren 3
Datum 28-10-2023 15:00
Type Reguliere wedstrijd
Locatie Universitair Sportcentrum
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
Uitslag 3 - 1
Sets 15-25, 26-24, 25-21, 25-20